Berlin Wednesday

Here are the Tips for a Club Wednesday in Berlin:

Techno Wednesday at AVA CLUB

Warschauer Pl. 18, 10245 Berlin From 11 pm | 5 Euro

The AVA Club is a small spot on Warschauer Platz, where mainly local DJs play house and techno. Although there are different parties at the club, two residences are interrupted every week: Techno Wednesday on Wednesdays and Hot Box, a queer party for „any and all Genders“ on Friday evening.

A Wednesday at Farbfernseher

Skalitzer Strasse 114 in Kreuzberg, 10999 Berlin From 11pm

The Farbfernseher is a mini club in a former TV shop on Skalitzerstrasse (hence the name „Farbfernseher“). The small Floor has been maximized with numerous raised platforms. The music is mostly house and tech house, with international guests and a rotating cast of local DJs.

Well! DONE is DEAD…

Well DONE! in the Suicide Circus RAW area, Revaler Strasse 99 in Friedrichshain, 10245 Berlin From 11 pm – The party series has been starting in the Berlin electronics scene for three years. Every Wednesday there is freshly mixed sound from deep- and tech-house DJs from all over the world. A label of the same name has even been on the market for a year. The Suicide Circus is the top dog for electric on the RAW area and has besides the actual club also a cool outdoor area. 

Changing VAs at Watergate

Falckensteinstrasse 49 in Kreuzberg, 10997 Berlin From 11.59 pm

The Watergate with a view of the Spree and two floors in Kreuzberg is clearly one of the most famous clubs. Situated on the banks of the river with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, it offers a panoramic view of the Spree with curtains that allow daylight into the club at night. The Watergate is known for its LED wall, which extends along the entire length of the club’s top floor. The bookings here are of high quality throughout, and on Wednesdays they are certainly the best choice.

New Faces at Tresor

Köpenickerstrasse 70; Mitte; 10179 Berlin From 11.59 p.m. | 7 Euro

Wednesdays it’s NEW FACES in one of Berlin’s oldest clubs. The series already explains what this is about with the title, but should not be confused with events like „Die jungen Wilden“, because newcomers are also sometimes brought over from the US. On weekdays, the huge club structure in the old power station can be experienced more relaxed than at the weekend and offers a great start for the first visit.

Symbiotikka at KitKatClub

Köpenicker Strasse 76; Mitte; 10179 Berlin From 11 pm | 10 Euro

SYMBIOTIKKA is the new electronic Wednesday in the KitKat. Besides DJ sound reinforcement there is bondage show live, playspace (sex, not computer games) and body painting. There is also a chill area and fresh fruit. Please don’t wear the usual casual streetwear, but rather a bit more fancy.