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Sektor Evolution
An der Eisenbahn 2 – Industriegelände, 01099 Dresden Neustadt

Launched in 2007, it has attempted to build and establish a legal house of openness to alternative culture of all kinds. In an industrial wasteland of the imperial era a dream was realized on 330 m2. After a full two years of construction and reconstruction, bureaucratic and material warfare, motivation and financial worries, the „Open Platform for Cultural Network“ finally opened its doors in September 2009. The place wants to offer the possibility to unite all kinds of music, visual arts and theatre in one house. The makers work together with various Dresden crews, groups, which bring the sector into the limelight each week in a surprisingly different, and usually very elaborate, new light. And the club has a good reputation, which one can celebrate here undisturbed and long to good music.

Club Paula
Meschwitzstraße 14, 01099 Dresden
0351 2630864

Club Paula is located in Dresden’s industrial area, a little bit hidden on Meschwitzstrasse // At the camp site not far from the IHK. In an old transformer house in the industrial area, which was lovingly converted in 2004 to the minimal club „WHATEVER“, you will find the PAULA „PAULA“, which is dedicated to minimal house and techno music since 2010. The club had a long tradition in the nightlife of Dresden under its former name and convinces demanding party connoisseurs with its Function One sound system. For many dancers, the Club Paula in the industrial area has the optimal size. Not too big, so that an intimate party atmosphere is guaranteed. Thanks to the good bookings and the wide range of different styles, the atmosphere is always great. From own event series of the longtime organizer Steffen Gläeser to rentals, the program explores almost all variations in the techno and house context. Due to regular, high-quality VAs Paula has gained a firm place among the most important locations in Dresden during the last 5 years. With a lot of love for detail for light and decoration, she regularly presents herself in a new guise.

Gothaer Straße 12, 01097 Dresden
0351 30710065

The former „Kleinviehhalle“ at the old slaughterhouse offers good electronic music on an area of 600 square meters. Booker and resident DJ Gunjah alias Markus Rätz leads with Ronny Rahmelow the new club, which is a continuation of Showboxx, also on Leipziger Straße. On December 19,2015, the club celebrated for the first time.

Leipziger Str. 12, 01097 Dresden
0172 7956789

The Club Pushkin in Dresden is a combination of a nightclub and a concert area. Pushkin is considered the founder of Russian literature. Did this play a role in naming the club on Leipziger Straße? Especially the electronic parties in the Red Room have got around. The large outdoor area means that the shop is also perfectly set up for open airs. Especially on Sunday a visit is worthwhile. The location is close to the Old Slaughterhouse. With a maximum capacity of 700 people, a separate counter and cool staff.

Hermann-Mende-Straße 1, 01099 Dresden

In the halls of the former GDR Solidor Dresden there are 4 different event locations. In addition to the sector Evolution and the event work, SOLIDOOR was opened in October 2011 in the main room of the former washroom. The rather fat lighting technology and the industrial character offer a great location. A highlight is the Think Pink, a party series not only for gays and lesbians. No one needs to feel discriminated against here and the new Dark Room „Dark Love Lounge“ is a hot one.

Altes Wettbüro
Antonstraße 8, 01097 Dresden
Telefon: 0351 6588983

The Old Betting Office in Dresden has a very special charm. In the former casino, publishing house and betting office there is now a club that offers one thing above all else: variety. The music ranges from electronic music to hip hop, reggae and ambient music. And all that in one night. The people are relaxed; the operators are relaxed as well. If you like to get involved in new taste experiences, we recommend the drinks menu, where new, as yet unknown drinks appear again and again. In addition, films are shown from time to time and fashion shows sometimes take place. The young, fresh cuisine of the betting office is also an insider tip for gourmets. Especially in summer, you can relax in the super cosy garden and its garden bar. But if you only go there for dinner, you miss out on something: After the meal, you should change to the club’s party area and continue celebrating. The Old Betting Office can also be rented for private parties.

Löbtauer Str 80, 01157 Dresden
Telefon: 0351 8020066

Friday in Dresden to the Gisela. Club! The music is turned up in Löbtauer Strasse – the neighbors don’t complain, but celebrate with us. In the living room of the Gisela. club the furniture is moved aside once a week and then there is everything: Indie, Charts, Rock, 70ies, Pop, 90ies. Through the bedroom we go on to the empty garage, where deep house and superhouse guarantee long nights. The Gisela. Club is home. Every Friday, whether on the porch, in the garage, in the bathroom or in the living room. Cool people, great mood, great music and a lot to drink. And in addition to the music from the DJ’s desk, which is built into the wall unit, local and supraregional artists, the so-called „surprise inhabitants“, also invite you to join in. And then it’s time to open up! Let’s have a night out first. In Dresden. At the Gisela. Club. In the Löbtauer Strasse. Even guilt, whoever doesn’t celebrate there.