Diagenetic Origin – Golden Age

25 years in the game and running strong as ever. We’re of course talking of Sonic Groove Records who recently blew the candles out of a hefty quarter of a century sized cake of no-compromise techno. Founded in New-York in 1990 by brothers Frankie Bones and Adam X, as well as legendary Under One Sky fanzine founder Heather Heart, Sonic Groove is one of the longest running and most respected techno labels in the scene.

Tattoo and street artist by day, techno producer when dusk hits, the multi talented Andreas Andreasson AKA Diagenetic Origin returns to Sonic Groove for his annual installment of heavy, deep and diligent techno. With the ‚Golden Age EP‘, the Berlin-based producer showcases a diverse collection of moody cuts, from the futuristic longings of the rhythmically challenging ‘Telepathic Future’ to the deep cavernous percussion workout of ‘The Awakening’. Drawn out aerial melodies are both supported and shattered by Andreas’ penchant for heavy primal drum programming, serving as a reminder of his formative years spent drumming for punk and hardcore bands in Sweden. Spanning the depth and breadth of the techno scale, ‘Golden Age’ commands attention and adds to his consistently qualitative output on Sonic Groove.

Diagenetic Origin – Telepathic Future
Diagenetic Origin – Golden Age
Diagenetic Origin – Parallel Realities
Diagenetic Origin – The Awakening