Renate Schallplatten #4, Moscoman – Dévoué

Renate Schallplatten returns with a vengeance, this time showcasing the outrageous talent of our fair-haired Israeli grumpster, Moscoman. Three Yacht Rock killers on acid backed by a larger than life remix from Lithuanian madman, Manfredas.Join us as we take you on a journey through the psyche of a boy turned man turned sarcastic black sheep.

Moscoman takes you on a hazy voyage to visit his “Girls Down South” for some good times involving 40 ounce malt beverages and maybe a taste of his finest wacky tobacky. Following that is one of Mosco’s first ever productions, “Deluded Heart” featuring dreamy, mdmaesque synth action galore. Flip the cassette tape and you find “Dévoué” where Mosco puts the top down on his Chevy Malibu and shows us how smooth his oscillations can get. As you chug along the coast of the mind’s eye, you can help but think, “Either the car is speaking to me or I ate to many gel tabs at the last rest stop.”

When you let the needle keep running, be prepared for a behemoth of a remix by Manfredas featuring gypsy soloists playing bootlegged oriental instruments chopped up in a sampler he bought at a yard sale in 1992. Face melt city.