Blossomkollektiv [BLK022] Tanzlife – Elipsa Ep

Blossom Kollektiv is back with a brand new vinyl only release that is ready to shake up dance floors with its deep and moody vibes. This time around a pairing of two minds have provided the musical paint for the canvas. Polish based producer Tanzlife has teamed up with ID Ensemble to deliver a package of finely tuned house music that is destined to end in DJ bags and vinyl enthusiast’s hands across the globe.

Getting things started with ‘Hiperbola’ we are sent straight to the dance floor with a thumping kick, classic house pads and a slamming snare that is sure to impel dancers to put their hands in the air and lose themselves in the music. Followed by ‘Moss’ the pair present something a little more playful than the first cut. Taking us through a deep tripped out adventure we float through a strange new world with complex beat patterns, percussion and lush melancholic synths that take us to our esoteric playground.

Finally to wrap things up we land effortless into ‘Parabola’ that lifts us up right away with a solid kick and feel good synth stabs that reminds us of the joy that this music can bring. Then the percussion builds until the end when a slight vox sample kicks in to give the track an extra boost and create an extra layer to our already jubilant experience.