Release: Jeff Mills – The Kill Zone EP Out October 7th on Axis Records

Unlike the three Galaxies humans know of; the elliptical, the abnormal and the type in which we reside, the spiral galaxy, the idea of a fourth or higher type of galaxy is something that we can only imagine as our science has yet to discover the traces of another type. So with your imagination, Jeff Mills uses it to draw penetrable comparisons to what we know as fact against what we feel and sense as probable.

A way to start to imagine is to begin with a self-reflection: To survive, what are we capable of? How far or extreme would we go in order to rid ourselves of threats to continue our evolutionary process – are we always ready to defend ourselves? Is motivated annihilation the invention of the human species and if so, how far back and wide does this activity go?

Let’s assume that it is an activity that precedes humanity and almost goes back to the beginning of Time. Soon after the Big Bang and the beginning of the Universe and Time itself, certain properties began the systematic process of eliminating possible threats or candidates that seemed so. What and who were the consequential recipients of the affects of doing away with elements of another type, from another origin and destination? Like the genes of humans, the blurred lines of an aseptic reality are nothing more than wishful civics that creates an imaginary strain based on illusionary dreaming.

What deems something as a threat? The answer: it is the feeling of fear. It is the lack of being able to see the advantages of mixing, blending, engaging and the benefits of foreign affairs. In logic, there is no such thing as the definitive “one” as everything around us is the product of two or more elements – this includes humans as well.

The Free Fall Galaxy is something that humans should be soulfully and spiritually connected to because it is designed as a symbol of how we feel in times of uncertainty – a problem-solving device that is a problem within itself. To understand the meaning, and to listen to this album, should feel chillingly familiar as it devours its prey, even when its own future is uncertain as well.

The Kill Zone EP is out October 7th via Axis Records.


A1. The Hunter (5:13)
A2. Asphyxiation (4:47)
B1. The Kill Zone (9:02)