Mimetic – Maidenhead EP

Label. Les Arts Minis
Artist. Mimetic
Title. Maidenhead EP
Format. Vinyl
Cat.Number. LAMV03
Release Date. December 3rd, 2016
Distribution. Les Arts Minis

Quality over quantity. That is the underlying notion that has paced the output of Swiss label, Les Arts Minis, during the course of the past 8 years. After a three year release break, the label is back with another carefully curated EP from driving French, techno titan based in Geneva, Mimetic aka Jerome Soudan. Mimetic is a DJ and producer with extraordinary technical ability – trained drummer and keen multi-instrumentalist, he has continuously delivered quality release after release in his prolific catalogue, consisting of 9 albums and countless EPs in his 20 year career. Not one to pigeonhole himself, Mimetic has written for contemporary dance artists, dabbled in techno, electronica, and bass music, drummed in bands, and currently works as the artistic director of Electron Festival and Présences Electroniques Genève. Titled Maidenhead, his brand new release takes in influences from a multitude of audible sources, combining many differing roots and variations of techno with contemporary flourished and impeccable sound design. Gone is a layered wall of sound, punctuated by a thundering kick drum, throbbing bass lines and stabbing synth-lines, while title track Maidenhead injects a little more funk to proceedings with a warp-out bass-line and breakbeat backbone. EP closer Sweet Agony combines a driving techno roll with a bass-line as deep as they come – warm, analogue-sounding beauty that will keep you coming back for more. An incredible return to form from Les Arts Minis showing the stylistic versatility and weight underground quality that the label is expertly carving out for itself.