William Green aka Aggborough (Anmerkung der Redaktion: etwas komplizierter Name) hat auf OTB Records die Stone Circle EP veröffentlicht. Und ich muss sagen… cooles Brett bzw. vier coole Bretter. Dickes Holz, nicht zu kreischig, ohne alberne Trommelwirbel oder trancige Einflüsse. Das ist wirklich ein solides DJ Tool, weit überm “Füller” Level. Llare Kaufempfehlung.

Label. OTB Records
Artist. Aggborough
Title. Stone Circle EP
Format. Digital & Vinyl
Cat.Number. OTB010
Release Date. April 21st, 2017
Distribution. N.E.W.S. N.V. (Digital & Vinyl)

01. Not Tripping
02. Stone Circle
03. Saving Bacon
04. Talos Principle

“If music is a language that brings people together, then OTB is a small dictionary of newly invented words, each artist having his own unique narrative. The Stone Circle EP, OTB#010, is Aggborough’s fourth installment on the label and is a continued exploration of his signature style, full of field recordings to add atmospheric and percussive sounds.

Not Tripping: Started out as a bootleg version of It’s Love (tripping) by Goldtrix, but evolved into a deeply driving track using the
hypnotising chord stab as it’s backbone.

Stone Circle: Richard Long is built around a contact microphone recording of a flagpole blowing in a gale in Iceland. Organic techno.

Saving Bacon:Saving Bacon is a stomping housy techno groove, with a melody that brings lightness to the pulsating beat.

Talos Principle: Talos Principle was developed out of an atmospheric interlude for Aggborough’s liveshow. A staggering groove with quirky
sounds and fills popping up unexpectedly.

Just like the previous OTB records, 88888 designed an art stamp that will be used to produce the vinyl sleeves by hand, making each piece unique.”