9.11. Smolik & Kev Fox im Auster Club

Venue: Auster Club (Pücklerstraße 34, 10997 Berlin)
Admission: 8€

Am 09.11. präsentiert Berlin Sessions die polnischen Indie-Rocker Smolik // Kev Fox im Auster Club in Berlin.

Kev Fox and Smolik are the unlikely duo of a British-born, troubadour-like musician crashed into the Polish super composer and producer Andrzej Smolik. The two grew up geographically far from one another, but share a surprisingly similar life story that shapes their sound and worldviews today. Andrzej, born in a small seaport Polish island town did not want to fit into the cookie-cutter life path set before him, choosing instead to get kicked out of school for attending a rock festival. Kev also rejected the factory lifestyle typical of his northern England town, instead beelining for the record shops and music vibes of Manchester at the first opportunity.

Despite the fact that both Kev Fox nor Smolik were discouraged from leading a musician’s life, they’ve each bucked the norms and became musicians in their own style. Following work in a Manchester record shop – the turning point for Kev when it came to opening up a world of possibilities in music – was emigration to Germany, where he went from DIY musician to touring guitarist with a proper career. Smolik’s career really took off when his father, giving in to the inevitable, purchased a synth keyboard for him – a real investment piece in Poland in the 1990s. This rapidly led to Smolik becoming one of the most respected and sought-after electronic music composers and producers in the country.

The musicians, united in their addiction to the freedom they feel when their lives revolve around music, were brought together after Kev’s band was unexpectedly stranded in Poland. A dionysian-like jam session developed into the band as it exists today.

Listening to Kev Fox/Smolik, you’re pulled into their world of dynamic rock’n’roll, dressed up in gentlemanly packing and topped off with honest, straightforward lyrics that shoot right to your heart.