12.7. Eclectique #01 mit Florian Meindl, Arnaud Le Texier, Inner8 in der Griessmuehle

12. Juli um 21:00 bis 13. Juli um 12:00

Sonnenallee 221, 12059 Neukölln, Berlin, Germany

Thursday 12.07.’18 LINE UP

Florian Meindl (DJ + Modular Synth)
Arnaud Le Texier (Children of Tomorrow)
Inner8 (LIVE) (Holotone)
Federico Coderoni aka Eric Oder (LIVE)
Campbell Irvine LIVE (Infrastructure New York)
Arkadia Alpha (female: pressure)
Sininho (Plano B – Oporto)
Tea Guarascio (ES- Barcelona)
Whereis She aka Stefanie Parnow LIVE (Ostgut Ton)
JakoJako (Trieb)

Live Visual: Zootrop


21:00 till 00:00
R_1 live acts: modular synth and a/v performances
R_2 Workshop EMS – Electronic Music School Berlin

00:00 till 12:00
djing / live acts
live painting / Music Exploration

On July the 12th 2018, the Griessmühle will host the first edition of Eclectique.
This project, born from the synergy of two women, aims to transcend the dancing and listening experience, by introducing the audience to the creative and technical process behind each event.

Workshops on musical production – from software development to modular synth functionalities – will be a Prelude to a night where visual and musical experimentation will meet to tickle the senses and brighten the audience vision of a dance event.
Djs, live producers, and musicians actively involved in the project will pass on their passion and knowledge for and through music.

Eclectique #01 will open at 8 pm on Thursday with the ”music production workshop” held by the EMS – Electronic Music School Berlin

The exhibition will start at 9 pm with:

-live v/a of Federico Coderoni aka Eric Oder, graduated from the conservatory of Rome Santa Cecilia, to follow there will be Jako Jako (Trieb) with his live exhibition with modular synthesizer, Tea Guarascio aka KOMMEN will starts the 3′ experimental live performance A/V before to start the one night, during its will all perform in their best eclecticism.
– Florian Meindl DJ, live performer, studio producer and sound designer, his performance will include also an exhibition with a Modular System. He is renowned for his technical prowess.
– Arnaud Le Texier The incisive Techno Dj / Producer & Children Of Tomorrow label head, one of the true veterans of the London underground music scene.
– Inner8 (Daniele Antezza) a multi-faceted thinker and electronic music producer, member of Dadub duo, co-founder of Artefacts Mastering Studio and Holotone label manager.
– Campbell Irvine From Infrastructure New York,
– Arkadia Alpha (female: pressure)
– Whereis She aka Stefanie Parnow (Ostgut Ton)
– Sininho the charismatic and powerful host from Plano B of Oporto (Portugal)
– N’Ego and Tea Guarascio aka KOMMEN Live.

Flanked by images sought and processed by Zootrop.

Street Performers, and live painting, to recreate a space with art in all its form and eclecticism will take over the garden.
The lineup and also the environment is accurately thought with the intention to trigger each individual into an introspective journey. It is about being capable to arouse and bring out that hidden and protected place we all have: the uniqueness of our inner treasure.

To participate in the workshop: info@em-school.com

Eclectique is not just about the different forms of expression than about the experience they can bring once they meet. All being uniquely perceived by each of us.
Eclectique is about feeling it, living it, embracing it…being. Free.