13.09. Eclectique #02 in der Griessmühle


Gebrüder Teichmann LIVE
Inner8 LIVE
zv_k (Jessica Kert) [LIVE]
Tomáš Niesner [LIVE] (Nona Records/ Bastl Instrument)
Qu Er (Monolith Records)
Klangfeld (WildBeatClub)
Arkadia Alpha (female: pressure)
Black Lotus (Luminal Rec)
Sininho (Plano B – Oporto)
JakoJako [LIVE]
Jeyênne KayDee LIVE
N’Ego [LIVE]

Live Visual: Zootrop

Winter Garden:
VINTAGE FASHION MARKET haha.youreugly presents their best selected secondhand pieces.

  • Qu Er Dj set

21:00 till 00:00
R_1 live acts: modular synth and a/v performances

R_2 DIY Workshop Bastl Instruments

R_3 Workshop on music production: EMS – Electronic Music School

00:00 till 12:00
djing / live acts
live painting / Music Exploration

On September the 13th 2018, Eclectique #02 will take place again in the Griessmuehle.

The key words of this one night are a combination of knowledge, science and music performance.

Eclectique Event will always start at sunset with Live Experimental Performances and Workshops.
It includes a large range of artists in its music programme and most of the performances are live and live on modular synth eurorack.

For the second edition of Eclectique, the female duo at the head of the organization is proud to introduce the beginning of a collaboration with the renowned Bastl-Instruments Crew.
Initiating social interactions is the greatest motivation for them. They love to meet new people, discuss ideas, share a bit of their background, build and modify the instruments and of course play them. We can only say welcome to this partnership.
They gained a lot of experience by organizing workshops of building and modifying Standuino instruments.

Eclectique#02 introduces artists and programme:

9 pm to midnight:

  • DIY Workshop with Bastl Instruments (Limited places!!! Please save your place with the reservation to diy@bastl-instruments.com)
  • Workshop on musical production – from software development to modular synth functionalities – with EMS – Electronic Music School (reservation to info@em-school.com)

9 pm to 10 am:
Live Acts / DJing
Live Visuals
Vintage Market with Hah

-Experimental Live Improvisation with the Gebrüder Teichmann
-to follow will be Jako Jako with his live exhibition with modular synthesizer,
-To begin the night, zv_k ( Jessica Kert)with her hypnotic live modular techno with a pinch of acid boiled in dub live performance.
They will all perform in their best eclecticism.

  • Tomáš Niesner (Nona Records/ Bastl Instruments ), comes from a live music background. His solo works contain arrangements ranging from ambient music, drone and avant garde music. Using the modular synthesizer, the guitar and field recordings, he sculpts endless sonic landscapes.
  • Inner8 (Daniele Antezza) a multi-faceted thinker and electronic music producer, member of Dadub duo, co-founder of Artefacts Mastering Studio and Holotone label manager.
  • Andi Klangfeld (WildBeatClub)
  • Arkadia Alpha (female:pressure)
  • Black Lotus (Luminal Rec.)
  • Sininho the charismatic and powerful host from Plano B of Oporto (Portugal)
  • Jeyênne KayDee (Trieb)
  • N’Ego Live.

Flanked by images sought and processed by Zootrop.

Vintage Fashion Market with haha.youreugly will present their best selected secondhand pieces.  Street Performers, and Live Painting, to recreate a space with art in all its form and eclecticism will take over the garden.  More Qu Er Dj set during the all night in the Wintergarden.

The lineup and also the environment is accurately thought with the intention to trigger each individual into an introspective journey.
It is about being capable to arouse and bring out that hidden and protected place we all have: the uniqueness of our inner treasure.

To participate in a Workshop (free workshop)

-DIY Bastl Instruments Workshop: diy@bastl-instruments.com

  • EMS – Electronic Music SchoolWorkshop on musical production:

Eclectique is not just about the different forms of expression than about the experience they can bring once they meet. All being uniquely perceived by each of us.  Eclectique is about feeling it, living it, embracing it…being. Free.