Anita Berber

GERICHTSTRASSE 23, 13347 Berlin

Anita Berber started in September 2013. The Stattbad was long alone here, but “PANKE” and the art bar “Anita Berber” are harbingers of a developing gastronomic and nightlife culture in the courtyard. Eventually the city magazines had to be right about their wedding hype. Heideglühen and Humboldthain must of course also be mentioned, although Stattbad has eased it in 2015, so no hype after all. But back to Anita. When you’re inside, the twenties come back to life. Great music/sound, great people, nice bar staff. You feel very comfortable here. The room has its own, and is really well designed. Kind of like the Young Sister Loft of a rich artist guy from Brooklyn. Plus, Tom Clark and Sammy Dee’s shop is being shut down. I hung up on Sammy in’ 94 or so once. That was 20 fucking years ago. It’s creepy.

The name giver Anita Berber was born in 1899, by the way, and was a talented dancer who, as is typical for Berlin, cracked every kind of behaviour you could crack Dingens in such a way. Original quote:”I am rotten. I sniff cocaine. She brought it to three husbands and dozens of male and female lovers, besides which she let herself be bought by free men for one night and died at the age of 29.