Arena Berlin

Eichenstraße 4, 12435 Berlin

Numerous events take place at Arena Berlin. This includes concerts, parties, tattoo conventions and much more. The architect Franz Ahrens built this big location in 1927, to serve as a coach hall for Berlin transport. Since 1995, Arena has been used for cultural purposes. Arena Berlin can be divided into different areas. The hall is a 7000qm large room, which has enough space for 9000 visitors. Here, exhibitions, concerts and large gatherings mainly take place. Something that is very special is the so-called bathing ship. This is a floating pool with a sandy beach and an open-air bar, which is located on the Spree. Again and again, instead of parties or concerts it is very special here. Arena Club hosts parties for lovers of electronic music instead. The newfangled and daring design makes for a great atmosphere and means that the party will be unforgettable. In the glass house there is a bar and lounge area. Through the middle of the room, was once the Berlin Wall and for this reason alone, the ambience is very special. The cosy retreat corners promise cosy evenings.