Adress: Wriezener Karree , 10243 Berlin

My last visit to Berghain was years ago. In addition, I find the strobe Techno thunderstorm downstairs annoying. The Panorama Bar upstairs is more my style. One should not shoot your brain off completely with drugs; otherwise you can sometimes become disoriented. Berghain and Bar25 are the only two clubs in which I’ve ever fallen asleep… But now the official text. The door policy is legendary and is run by the toughest bouncers in Berlin. Whether they are now made ​​of granite or something, I do not know. But when you come here and make it through, you’ve done it, and you can look forward to the unique location, because Berghain is located in an old power plant. In Berghain, not a day passes without a special act occurring and/or hanging out. (Except on the days when nothing takes place). Cheap is different, but it’s worth it, because very few parties don’t stop until Monday.

For the interior of Berghain: You have the choice between the panoramic bar and the dance floor, with different acts on both floors. While it is usually quieter times in the Panorama Bar with House Music, on the dance floor there is straight hard techno. Just as you would imagine in a Berlin club: Loud, rambunctious and a bit run down, so 100 percent Berlin. Berghain has been elected as the most important Electro club in Europe. But it has been going for a while, and so they now have a problem to make sure that there is always something special on offer. One should emphasize, perhaps, that Berghain has a unisex toilet, accordingly it’s mostly revealing too. If that does not bother you and you do like electronic music, then Berghain is the perfect club for you!