Clubs in Frankfurt

Since the beginning of the 90s there has been techno in Frankfurt. The Main metropolis was once even regarded as the techno capital, but that’s long gone. At least the man who invented the term techno still lives there. Andreas Tomalla alias DJ Talla 2XLC. At the age of 19, he worked in a record store in 1982 and created his own specialty for bands from Kraftwerk, Telex, Yello to Depeche Mode and called it “Techno”. There was the Dorian Gray, the XS and the Omen. Thomas Koch founded the Groove Magazine here. There was even the “Sound of Frankfurt”. Around the year 2000 the two most famous clubs for electronic music in Frankfurt, the “Omen” and the “Dorian Gray”, closed down. New clubs like the U60311 (closed) and in Offenbach the Robert Johnson established themselves. Of the large techno clubs in Frankfurt, basically only the Tanzhaus West has remained. This balance of closures and new openings, as in Berlin, does not work here. In addition, the club scene often had a raid problem. In 2016, ten clubs were controlled. Frankfurt is also full of Table Dance Shit, which is also due to the business location full of bankers. The Golden Gate is the centre of the “American Table Dance”. In Berlin, the Golden Gate is the last bastion of underground culture near Alexanderplatz. But hey, es of course also has some good shops in the city. The Zoom is definitely a tip, as are the Robert Johnson, Elfer Club, Silbergold and Tanzhaus West.

april, 2020

HOUSE & ELECTRO Clubs Frankfurt

Zeil 85-93, 60313 Frankfurt am Main
T +49.69.94 94 77 70,

Opinions on the Gibson are widely divergent. Also in the Internet you can find corresponding comments like “horrible” and “hype”, but also “cool” and “horny”. What is one of the best clubs in Frankfurt for some, is simply the last thing for others. It’s like Berlin. Most of the time, the criticism comes from the people who don’t come in anyway. The Gibson was opened in April 2012 at the premises of the former Zeil cinema and a year later received the Fizzz Award as “Club of the Year 2013”. In addition to first-class live acts, selected DJs, including many up-and-coming young talent, will be playing their part. The Thursdays belong to the Urban Club Band, which plays in front of up to 1,500 guests. Despite the raw charm radiated by the unplastered walls of the club, the crowd is rather stylish and trendy. On weekends Gibson switches to club operation with the focus on House. The celebrations last until dawn, the high quality drinks flow abundantly at reasonable prices. If you want to go in, you should be patient. The partygoers queue up in line, the bouncers have a reputation for being in order. Even if some people find them snooty.

Tanzhaus West
Gutleutstrasse 294, 60327 Frankfurt am Main

Tanzhaus West opened in 2003 as the successor to Space Place in Frankfurt on the former premises of the printing ink factory Dr. Karl Milchsack. On Fridays and Saturdays and on special days, e. g. Christmas and New Year’s Eve, electro music such as House or Techno will be played here from around 11 p. m. onwards. Here the dance floors are always full and the DJs give their best to keep the dance-loving audience entertained until the early morning hours. For a very special atmosphere, there are laser and light shows that illuminate the dance floors. Visitors celebrate on different dance floors. The special thing about this club is the accessibility, which means that wheelchair users can come in easily. Accompanying the wheelchair user even enjoys free admission. Tanzhaus West is easy to reach by public transport, and there is even a night bus on weekends. Bus n8 stops at Tanzhaus West. Tanzhaus West opened in 2003 as the successor to Space Place in Frankfurt on the former premises of the Druckfarbenfabrik Dr. Karl Milchsack.

Robert Johnson
Nordring 131, 63067 Offenbach am Main

Offenbach is one of the coolest clubs in Frankfurt. Since 1999, the Delta Blues legend Robert Johnson, who died in 1938, has been located in the Kaiserlei district. Whoever hopes for guitar and vocals is wrong. The Robert is a techno club for purists, where top-class DJs prove their art. Among them are legends such as Sven Väth, Roman Flügel and Ricardo Villalobos. The rooms of the small club look functional, the crowd seems relaxed. For space reasons, the bar borders on the dancefloor, which is very practical. If you are too narrow, you can chill out on the terrace with a view of the Main River. The audience is mostly in their twenties, the styling is more individual than trendy. The Robert is a club for fans, for whom sound and party are the focus. Techno is played on Fridays, Saturday’s more house. The prices for drinks are moderate, but Robert is not a location for drinking binge and beer glass throwers. People want to dance, celebrate and be in a good mood. Even the toilets are well kept, and Linda the toilet lady has deodorants and sweets on offer.

Neglected Grassland
Neue Kräme 29, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Since the end of October 2013, Frankfurt’s club life has been clearly enriched by neglected grassland. The club in the heart of Frankfurt near the Hauptwache is open to many styles and all artists, regardless of whether they are already known or are still in the offspring. On the contrary, the Neglected Grassland offers a stage for young artists, so that some of the artists are already taking the opportunity to present their music successfully. The genre ranges from Electro (which is a bit predominant) and House to Funk, Pop and Soul. This diversity is unique in Frankfurt’s nightlife and inspires many regular guests. Many of them have been loyal to the club for years and are enthusiastic about the colourful mixture. The furnishings are sumptuous and yet very cosy, the dark wood and the soft plush seats are reminiscent of the red-light environment. The muted light completes the beautiful ambience. During the day, Neglected Grassland is a restaurant and café with changing and always freshly prepared lunch.

Heiligkreuzgasse 22, 60313 Frankfurt

Friends of all kinds of electronic dance music will get their money’s worth in the silver gold in Frankfurt. In the alternative, not too big club you can hear electro sounds from the indie area, but there are also evenings where you can enjoy classics from the last few decades of discotheque culture. Various DJs and live musicians provide plenty of variety so that everyone gets their money’s worth. The following applies: Acoustic pleasures across the board: from sophisticated techno to chilled house music and futuristic soul, the silver gold offers everything for the electric heart. Since the eye is known to eat along with it, the unconventional concept also prevails in the shop’s design: Futuristic cube style and decadent light shows create a smart atmosphere that encourages dancing. The shop is located in the centre of Frankfurt and in the immediate vicinity of the Konstabler Wache railway station. This means that it can be easily reached by public transport and no one has to worry about getting home.

ROCK Clubs Frankfurt

Das Bett
Schmidtstr.12, 60326 Frankfurt
Tel. 069/60629873

The bed was opened in 2005 in the Sachsenhausen district of Frankfurt, and in 2009 it was moved to the communication factory in Gallusviertel. While the old premises are now used by the Ponyhof, some visitors regret that the connection to the public transport is no longer so good. But that doesn’t change the popularity of the club. The music program spans a wide range of genres from indie, jazz, singer-songwriter, punk, Balkan to soul and world music. The bed is a trendy live location that can accommodate up to 400 people. In the old rooms in the Klappergasse there were only 100, and after the concerts a DJ is playing, but often the club empties quickly. Live music is the main focus, and the audience changes from gig to gig. There is great music and relaxed guests, the prices for drinks are fair and not excessive. It’s just a pity that due to the limited space, it’s not possible to dance.

THE Cave
Brönnerstraße 11, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

The Cave near the Frankfurt Konstablerwache has been a meeting place for fans of all styles since 1998. With grunge, alternative, indie, rock, ska or hardcore you sometimes have the feeling that time has stood still, but the pleasantly unhippy audience compensates with its uncomplicated manner and good mood. The club’s two vaulted cellars are narrow, small and gloomy, and the prices of beverages are reasonable in view of the club’s central location. But you can party here without having to pay much attention to the styling. Those who set off spontaneously will also be able to wear jeans and sneakers. That’s a better way to dance anyway. On three evenings a week, from Thursday to Saturday, they hang up here. There are theme nights, to which a Depeche Mode Party is held once a month. Then the Thirtysomething celebrates next to the Grufti, and everyone is in a good mood. Since there are many night bus lines nearby, you can forget the view of the clock.

Gwinnerstraße 5, 60388 Frankfurt am Main

The Batschkapp is a Frankfurt music and concert hall for rock to alternative music. The name Batschkapp, which was opened in 1976, stands for the barrettique slider caps in the Frankfurt dialect. Until the end of 2013 the club was found in Eschersheim – now it is to be found in Seckback. The rooms there are much larger, which is why up to 1,500 people now fit in instead of only 400 people. Luckily, waiting for the entrance to enter doesn’t make you wet anymore, as there is a canopy. The Batschkapp as a hall is one of the most important venues for music events in Frankfurt and the surrounding area. As such, it has events of all kinds: from best-of events to hiphop, electro, rock, indie, everything is represented, and if no concert takes place, the music is played by DJs. The Batschkapp is by the way barrier-free and handicapped accessible. And there are even plenty of parking spaces for the lazy ones among us.

Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 45, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

The nightlife has been going on in the heart of Frankfurt for more than two decades now, close to the Konstablerwache. The club opened in 1993, where rock and alternative music styles such as indie pop, house and punk are played from the very beginning. Concerts are also held on stage. Bands such as Rammstein and the Sportfreunde Stiller were still relatively unknown. Every other week the famous Atomic party takes place on Fridays, the only indie party for homosexuals in Frankfurt. On Saturdays there’s an Ü-30 party once a month. The parties start at 11 p. m., when concerts take place, they start at 8 p. m. The cafe is located one floor above the discotheque, here is also the entrance, if it is going to be celebrated on the weekend one floor lower in the cellar. In the café you can drink a cappuccino and have a chat, in the club you can celebrate and dance with special and selected music, you can’t find the mainstream here and that’s exactly what we love about the nightlife.

Klappergasse 16, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

Since 2009, the Ponyhof has been a permanent fixture on the Frankfurt club scene. With live gigs and theme parties, the location in Alt-Sachsenhausen attracts an uninhibited, student-like audience into its small rooms, which were once home to Das Bett. Up to 150 people can fit in. The music spans a wide field of singer-songwriter, rock & indie and electro. If you’re hoping for sounds from the current charts, you’ll definitely be disappointed. The atmosphere is relaxed and familiar, the crowd is in a festive mood and styling is secondary. With acceptable entrance fees and drinks prices, parties are held until the early morning hours. Friday and Saturday are considered the best nights. Although it is very narrow in the Ponyhof, you can dance very well here. The employees are actually always friendly and agile, rather untypical for Alt-Sachs. This compensates for the rather mediocre quality of the drinks on offer. In addition to parties and concerts, comedy events, theatre evenings and readings are also held here.

Textorstraße 26, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

The club cellar in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen has been keeping the party crowd in the metropolis in good spirits for years. They mainly play rock and indie music, but there are also influences of dance and electro in the club. The premises in Frankfurt have become famous for their famous bands and solo artists, who perform spectacular performances in this trendy venue. The casual and versatile guests, who are always available for a small talk and pleasantly different from the mainstream Frankfurt way of walking, are also fun. The main floor is a big dance floor. It’s so crowded here at the best of times that it’s hard to move around. That’s part of the club basement. And at the regular WG-Party you can even bring your own drinks. Everything here is somehow familiar and atypical. If you arrive early, you don’t pay an entrance fee and if you are lucky, you will also get a seat at the popular football table.

Brönnerstraße 5-9, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

In February 2012, the legendary Frankfurt concert and party location Sinkkasten became the Zoom. The renovated rooms are now much smaller than the predecessor, smaller than the Batschkapp but bigger than the Ponyhof. The look of the club is wasted-but-cool, the walls are black and the guests a colourful mix of different indie styles. Whoever wants to listen to the charts up and down is definitely wrong. On the dancefloor, party series such as Soundbwoys Destiny with dancehall and reggae, Hit Happens as well as 90s Hip Hop and R’ n’ B dominate. The selected live concerts from the rock and indie categories attract a festive audience, which enjoys the moderate prices for drinks and drinks. No problem – the central location in downtown Frankfurt makes it easy to get there by public transport. Readings and comedy events are also on the programme. A small, outstanding club for live music and other events, where there is always something going on and which is almost an institution in Frankfurt.

Klappergasse 5, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

The Elfer in Frankfurt is a modern club that focuses on alternative music styles. Besides indie music, there is also a rock party. Highlights of the nightlife in Germany’s metropolis are almost always held here. This is because the organizers manage to get well-known acts and bands on stage again and again. In addition to the fantastic organisation, the restaurant can look back on a long history and attractive premises. This would probably still be the case today, if it weren’t for the audience who don’t care about clean toilets and cosy rooms. It’s all about playing good music. For this the guests need a big dance floor and a good alcohol. The penalty kicker definitely has both of these things to offer and so it is impossible to imagine the nightlife of Frankfurt and the region without them. In October 2016 there was a very unpleasant raid.

Orange Peel
Kaiserstraße 39, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

Since September 2009, the Orange Peel Club in Frankfurt has been opening its doors several times a week. Mainstream off-limits! Selected entertainment is provided in the station district. Distributed over two rooms, the club also invites you to parties on weekends, theatre performances, concerts, sessions, readings and shows. From classical jazz and blues to funk and electro to rock and indie, the Orange Peel impresses its mixed crowd. On Sundays there are regular Salsa evenings, which can be visited by everyone free of charge. Beginners as well as experienced dancers are welcome here; and even if no partner can be found who wants to dance with you through the night, you are in the right place. “Just join in” is the motto. Live music, a cultural concept and cocktails turn out to be a perfect mix – so it’s no wonder that the Frankfurt Orange Peel is a real insider tip.

Black Music Clubs Frankfurt

Schwedlerstraße 8, 60314 Frankfurt am Main

The Club for Black Music: Since its opening in November 2011, the Adlib has made a name for itself among fans of hip-hop, R’ n’ B and other African American music styles in the east of Frankfurt. The club is located on the seventh and eighth floor of a high-rise building, giving you a breathtaking view of the skyline. The outside seats compensate for the rather small dance floor if the weather is fine. Drinks prices are moderate, the cloakroom is relatively expensive and the staff are mostly friendly – at least for club members. Opinions are divided here. The audience is also mixed, the connecting element is the preference for black music. Bold sounds are played on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 p. m., and on every third Friday of the month you can play Black Jack in Adlib. A real special is the Black Sushi evening on every first Friday of the month. Sushi for free, brought directly to the table by hostesses: That should be quite unique in the club scene. The location can also be booked for private events.