Clubs in Hamburg

Hamburg is certainly second only to Berlin in terms of clubs and the scene. Cities such as Cologne, Hanover, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Dresden, Hanau and at some point Munich follow. Already in the 90’s there was a thriving scene with various clubs, which, as far as I can remember, were already heavily involved with After Hours. About a dozen House & Electro Clubs are available in Hamburg for the inclined dance leg swingers. Some clubs like the front have been closed for quite some time, others like the Prinzenbar have survived 20 years. The after-hour theme is always a bit difficult in Hamburg. All the more beautiful that now in autumn/winter every Sunday from 8:00 a. m. on “Fairytale Frühklub” is open in the Baalsaal. Every second Sunday at Pauli railway station there is also an after-hour from 8 o`clock.

april, 2020

HOUSE & ELECTRO Clubs Hamburg

Max-Brauer-Allee 204, Altona-Nord

The club is a likeable shop under the train path at the Sternbrücke and exists since 2003, musically it moves between techno, tech house, drum n bass, trap, reggae and hip hop. The construction of the scales usually opens at 00 o’ clock and the entrance fee varies between 6 and 10 €.


Stresemannstraße 114, Altona-Nord

Trains also cross it regularly here. The vaulted cellar under the Sternbrücke is the former lost-and-found office of Deutsche Bahn and offers subculture of every colour. In the anteroom there are often Caribbean delicacies from “Rosies Kitchen”. Datscha parties, reggae, hip hop, electro, also night flea markets, theatres or innovative things like lunchtime parties are taking place here. opening hours: Fridays, Saturdays, even during the week. Admission: 0 to 12 Euro

Bahnhof Pauli (im Klubhaus St. Pauli)
Spielbudenplatz 21-22,20359 Hamburg – St.Pauli

Techno club in the underground in the basement of the St. Pauli clubhouse since the beginning of September 2016, on the lower floor we find the center, the focus, the Underground Club Station. Kahler floor, walls with details and exposed exhaust pipes. The St. Pauli Club House on Spielbudenplatz was inaugurated in 2015 for the start of the tenth Reeperbahn Festival. The club itself has about 400 visitors. The shop is called Bahnhof Pauli because an S-Bahn station was built on 350 square metres of ground floor space.

Reeperbahn 25, St. Pauli

The Keller-Club provides with the in-house label “Jeudi” for good underground TechHouse with artists like Doctor Dru. This is where hipster and fashion victories meet techno and hosue. Opening hours: Thursdays to Saturdays. Admission: 8 to 10 Euro

Übel & Gefährlich (St. Pauli)
Feldstraße 66, 20359 Hamburg

The Evil & Dangerous can be reached by elevator. Concerts are held regularly on the fourth floor of the bunker on the Heiligengeistfeld. From the roof terrace you have a great view over Hamburg. The club in the bunker was ranked by readers of the magazine “Musik Express” as one of the best live clubs in Germany – because of the hip bands. All the big names of Paul Kalkbrenner, Trentemøller and Gotye play there. Opening hours: Thursdays to Sundays, for concerts also during the week. Admission: 6 to 30 Euro


Golden Pudel Club (St. Pauli)
St. Pauli Fischmarkt 27, 20359 Hamburg
Telefonnummer 040 31979930

Hamburg’s nightlife is unimaginable without the club classic on the Elbe River, which Rocko Schamoni and Schorsch Kamerun run. The Golden Poodle is one of the most famous clubs in Germany and a place of counterculture. Can you do that at the same time? Apparently, yes. See Berghain and the whole club culture of Berlin. The Golden Poodle is located in a former 19th century smuggler’s prison with pointed gable and view of the Elbe river. Relaxed people, good music, often electronic. Bite dirty, but that’s a sticky one anyway. It is usually free of charge and drinks are not expensive. The parties go on for a long time, here is often still open when everything else is no longer sparkling.

Kastanienallee 20 20359 Hamburg

The Prinzenbar’s premises are really something special and with its mirrors, stucco and lighting it is a gay circus room for long house nights. And by the way, that’s early’ 90s. The cute club offers stucco decorations, angels, stairs, comfortable sofas, large mirrors. Whether electro club, concert, Indie-Disco or Queer Party – cool events are guaranteed.

Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 69a, 20359 Hamburg (St.Pauli)

A bit away from the Reeperbahn, near the bell is the Nochtwache. A very cool shop, which goes in the direction of Baalsaal or also formerly Ego. A dance floor, a couple of seats, 10€ entrance fee, and a good interior.

Halo-Clubbing (St. Pauli)
Große Freiheit 6, 22767 Hamburg
House, Elektro, R&B, Black Music

Rather chic audience dances here… Minimal and electro sounds are played on the first floor.

H1 (Hamm-Nord)
Conventstraße 8-10, 22089 Hamburg

The H1 is also equipped with chandeliers and lounge-style seating arrangements. The club offers house and electronic music every Wednesday and Saturday.

Golden Cut
Holzdamm 61, 20099 Hamburg
Elektro and House

ROCK Clubs Hamburg

Hamburg’s rock scene is as clearly arranged as the Berlin Indies. Half a dozen that cherishes guitar and long hair music are located around Reeperbahn. Kaiserkeller, Gruenspan, Molotow, Roschinskys, headCRASH and MS Frau Hedi are your contact points.

The Rock Café – St. Pauli
Silbersackstraße, 20359 Hamburg
Fr. und Sa. 21:00 bis Open End | Mo., Di., Mi., Do. und So. geschlossen!
Booking requests:

The Rock Café in Hamburg has become a special kind of cult shop. In the middle of St. Pauli in the Silbersackgasse, this well-known smoker’s club of Alban Qoku offers rock concerts and parties on the weekend. The red walls and the skull sculptures at the counter reflect exactly what the club wants to be and what the club has achieved – the best in rock music since 1990! They play gigs from hard to soft, blues, rock and metal. Every Friday and Saturday there is a party, rock and fun. The other days of the week the shop is closed. After all, everyone needs to recover. 2015 The Rock Café in Hamburg won the 5th Club Award in the category Best New Club. And in the audience vote in the category “Your favourite club” there was the second prize. If that’s nothing! The fridge’s full, the music’s on!

20 Flight Rock
Friedrichstraße 29, 20359 Hamburg

An absolute must-have if you long for rock in Hamburg is the 20 Flight Rock Club, which calls itself The No. 1 Rawin’ Bar. And this name is truly fitting. On the dance floor, rock music from the Bülte era up to the modern age creates a lively atmosphere and behind the bar there is a large selection of drinks. The prices are reasonable, which allows even the wallet to relax. There are special events where famous DJs from the club scene provide hot music for dancing. The ambience is of course classical, with a touch of retro, to feel like the Rolling 50s even in the year 2000. On the walls hang pictures of the famous legends of rock’ n’ roll and make you feel like you’re in the 50s when people like Elvis Pressley and Jerry Lee Lewis landed their big hits.

Überseering 5-7, 22279 Hamburg
040 63311026

Originally furnished Shabby living room style institution for live music, open-mic evenings and jam sessions. Rock lovers who love live music will get their money’s worth at the BaRRock in Hamburg. The smoker’s pub at the Stadtpark in the north of Hamburg specializes in live performances of changing bands. But also the participation is written in capital letters. Once a week, a jam session is on the agenda. Here, music-loving rock fans can bring their own instrument and make music together with other rock-lovers. In the live session, solo artists or bands will also be given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in front of an audience. The equipment required for a successful appearance is available. The open mic sessions are also based on the principle of participation. These take place twice a week and offer singers the chance to convince the audience of their singing talent. With always free entrance, an evening in living room atmosphere and good rock music in BaRRock can be optimally concluded.

Grindelallee 5, 20146 Hamburg
040 4105658

Since 1974, the logo has been an integral part of Hamburg’s rock scene. A small location with a great history – there is no other club in the Hanseatic city with a longer, continuous live tradition. On the guest list there are many names that are still known today. The logo is known under many names, from Hamburg’s loudest sauna to the old Rockerschuppen. But it’s undisputed that the shop is ideal for people who like it rough, rocky and unadulterated. The dominant colour in the low rooms is black, and guests also like it dark. Old school that kicks ass! With reasonable admission and drinks prices, it’s twice as good to celebrate. A cool little club where people dance pogo and nobody gets upset about a splattered beer. If you haven’t gotten a drop or two, you haven’t really been there. Who would have thought that the planned company, initially as a student restaurant with cheap food and occasional evening concerts, would develop into a real constant in Hamburg’s gig scene?

Cobra Bar
Friedrichstrasse 29, 20359 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 / 42103252

The Cobra Bar in Hamburg’s St. Pauli district offers parties and concerts for fans of all kinds of rock music. From punk, metal and indie to ska, wave and rock n roll, everything is offered on several days a week. Live bands often perform, including some insider tips from the scene. In the pub, as one imagines it in the neighbourhood, a relaxed atmosphere prevails despite the harder music. On the rather small dance floor, people from all walks of life celebrate together, from metal trailers to punk or indie girls. At the bar, drinks are served at civilian prices, a special recommendation is the in-house Mexican. Tournaments are held regularly for all those who want to compete with other table football players. But also on the other evenings you will rarely find yourself leaving the table and can challenge the reigning football champions. On old cinema armchairs you can end the evening in the neighbourhood with a drink in your hand.

Große Freiheit 58, 22767 Hamburg

In the heart of St. Paulis is regularly celebrated in one of the hottest rock clubs in history. The Gruenspan achieved its worldwide fame with the introduction of the first oil light elements and its own laser technology, whereby even dancing water fleas played a role in the former. In addition to live concerts, the location also hosts progressive rock parties. Good mood and relaxed people always belong to the party nights, despite the often hard music. On the gallery it really goes off. Those who visit Hamburg should not forget the “Span”. The Club is easy to find thanks to the exterior façade designed by two well-known Pop Art artists. The Rocklokal is located in a former cinema, which for a while has even been converted into a bathing baths. The Gruenspan is the first club in which a DJ instead of a live band provided music at the end of the 60s. International stars such as Bryan Adams and R. E. M. have already been on stage in Gruenspan. Regular live music is also the focus of the rock club.

Grosse Freiheit 36
Große Freiheit 36, 22767 Hamburg

The Große Freiheit 36 or simply “the Freedom” is one of the oldest and largest clubs on the Reeperbahn, whose history began with horses, artists and naked mermaids. Freedom was opened in the 1980s with a spectacular concert by guitarist Rory Gallagher, in which over 2,000 fans squeezed into the hall. Since then, concerts have been held regularly in Liberty. It is also connected to the Kaiserkeller, where the Beatles have already played and where rock is at home over the weekend, from alternative and indie to metal, industrial and gothic. Recently the Technoclub DREIIIZEHN has also been established there. To list the concerts of the most famous musicians in freedom is difficult – the list is simply too long. A small excerpt goes from Extrabreit, Public Enemy, Faith No More and Meat Loaf to Deep Purple, Pearl Jam, Daft Punk, HIM and Busta Rhymes. So a solid club that still convinces with live acts!

Hamburger Berg 13, 20359 Hamburg

In the Rock-Club with 2 floors and a red illuminated bar you can listen to alternative, hardcore and metal music as well as live concerts.

Rock-City Hamburg e.V.
Sternstraße 4, 20357 Hamburg

Zwick Altona
Max-Brauer-Allee 86, Hamburg
040 57225711

Band posters decorate the walls of the established pub with regular rock concerts and football broadcasts.

Downtown Bluesclub

Cult blues club in the city park for sophisticated live music with good acoustics and popular beer garden in summer.

BLACK Music Clubs Hamburg

Mojo Club
Reeperbahn 1, 20359 Hamburg, Deutschland
040 3191999

In the meantime, jazz and soul have become more of a niche existence in the context of danceable club music than sample basins and musical gimmicks. Few people are aware of the fact that there would be no EDM movement without genres such as acid house and dance floor jazz – the operators of the legendary Mojo Club in Hamburg are all the more aware of this. Already at its opening in 1989, the Hamburg location was regarded as a playground for everything that groovs and, according to the name of the club, brings with it the definite kick. The ascent and descent of House, Rave, Techno and Co. In the 1990s, the store, which had become an institution in the meantime, survived without any problems, precisely because the makers liked to look beyond their own horizons – and still do so today. In addition to regular parties with swinging pearls of soul, bossa and jazz, there are also electronic-experimental, regular concerts between indie rock and quality pop or events such as poetry slams on the musical menu of the traditional club at Reeperbahn 1: Good coffee, good drinks with no frills, good music, good evening.

Reeperbahn 25, Hamburg 20359
040 23 93 64 00

At the beginning of the Reeperbahn in Hamburg’s St. Pauli district is the Neidclub. The entrance is a little inconspicuous and hidden, but often found through the long queue in front of the door. The interior is rather dark, the LED system on the walls provides impressive lighting effects and DJs provide the appropriate background music. The audience is young and colourful. In the club you can celebrate on two large dance floors. On Fridays, rap, hip hop and black music are on the programme; on Saturday evening, all fans of house, techno and electro will get their money’s worth. The turntables often feature well-known, international names. A special highlight is the outdoor area with a balcony, from where you can look over the Reeperbahn and the neighbourhood. The name of the club is the name of the program, because the people in the queue in front of the club become jealous of all those who are already indoors and the terrace celebrating.

Terrace Hill
Feldstraße 66, 20359 Hamburg

Cool shed in the high-rise building with roof terrace. In fact, on the 5th floor of the anti-aircraft bunker in Feldstraße you can enjoy a really nice view. The neighbour of Uebel&Gefahrlich regularly hosts concerts, clubs and readings for up to 400 guests. The music clearly goes in the direction of hip hop basses or all-time classics and appeals to a wider audience. Bud Spencer would smile.

Angie’s Nightclub
Spielbudenplatz 27, 20359 Hamburg
Tel.: 31 77 88-11,
geöffnet Freitag und Sonnabend ab 22 Uhr

Its more for adult people. There is a lot of live music going on in the direction of soul and funk or sometimes rock and pop dance classics. So the more dignified form of a club for people who think more like discotheques. But there is an atmosphere in the style of the 1920s and the large glass front offers views of the Reeperbahn. There are two bars, a dance floor and seating in small niches.