Kaffee Burger

Torstraße 60, 10119 Berlin

The restaurant site Torstraße 60 has been in existence since 1890 and in the 1970s the Burger became a trendy pub. From 1976 onwards, it was also a meeting place for political dissidents and emigrants. In 1999 an operator-trinity took over the premises. After a short change of the counter, the dance business Kaffee Burger opened on November 10,1999 under the motto “Prenzlauer Berg now also in Mitte”. The bear has been quilting ever since. The rest is moral history – which drags on. Later the new premises were added: Burger Bar was opened. Every day readings or live concerts. DJs from 23.00.

The coffee burger lives of course from its Russian disco reputation. But a Wladimir Kaminer as co-owner is also a real gem in terms of symphatic support. The entrance is still in the frame, the ambience as in the 50s; curse and blessing at the same time. Sometimes dismissing Kaffee Burger as a “tourist club” doesn’t do him justice, because tourists don’t notice anything negative here, and the atmosphere is definitely more relaxed than in some scene clubs.