L.U.X – which stands for ” quietest Entertainment Xberg ” – is a fine, small venue for concerts and parties. Usually they play unknown artists. It’s worth a visit – if only because of the special location – a former industrial building. L.U.X. is still located in Berlin’s Kreuzberg. L.U.X. is directly behind the river Spree in the Schlesischen Straße corner of Falckensteinstraße. If you walk down Falckensteinstraße its on the right side. It’s also very close to the Lido Club. A smoking room is right up the stairs. The bar runs halfway up the walk-in space and behind it is the dance floor and behind that is the DJ. The music in L.U.X. is electro and sometimes rock. But depending on the party, they also play hip-hop. L.U.X. has a multi-day program, which means that the club is open from Tuesday to Saturday.

Adress: Schlesische Straße 41 10997 Berlin