Adress: Schönhauser Allee 176a, 10119 Berlin

The Bassy stands for Dirty Blues, Western Swing, Country, Rock’ n’ Roll, 60’s Beat, Sixties Garage Punk, Blues, Trash, Surf, Exotica and more.
This place is hidden from the outside almost imperceptibly underneath Pfefferberg at Senefelder Platz. The audience consists of Rockabilly’s mixed with older club people from 30 years of age and you can see cool guys, beautiful women and not this typical mid-cut-good type. In the rooms of the former House Club Pfefferbank there is a wild mix of styles from the DJ. Burlesque shows and concerts are part of the good sound. Stressed city dwellers give the spurs to the party pig and show off their cowboy pants. On the small stage with its outstanding equipment a good band plays every weekend. Unique selling proposition: A sure touch for interior decoration: the stuffed wolf above the bar and lots of yippiyaheeeh!