Roadrunners Club

Saarbrücker Straße 24 10405 Berlin

The Roadrunners Rock & Motor Club is a trendy location in the former Königstadtbrauerei. The landmarked site, located in Saarbrücker Str. 24, is characterised by its buildings as well as its favourable location, right on the border between Berlin-Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg. The situation is especially cool on the third backyard, where you can listen to great live music and a great Moroccan royal tent is set up. The tent can even be used in the cool season, as it is heatable. If you are planning a private party, you can rent it and have an extravagant party. The selection and catering offer is very varied, apart from cold or warm dishes you and your guests can even be served from a Classic US Van. But there is always something going on in the rooms of the Roadrunners Rock & Motor Club, too. The music selection is great and you have the possibility to go to different gigs. The Roadrunners is known in the city for concerts in the direction of rock, rock’ n’ roll, rockabilly and related styles. Indie boys haven’t lost a thing. The Roadrunners stands for the Hot Rod Culture in Berlin. Even musicians from the USA perform there and pay homage with their great music to such unforgettable greats as Jimi Hendrix. Disco and pop music, runs 1 time at the Mondo Clit Rock Club Party. The club is really about it and you will be amazed how great people are.