The CLUBMAP shows you the most important Berlin clubs, sorted by style and district. Behind which door the good bars for pre-heating and howling can be found, we also tell you. In which parks do Open Airs run? It says here! Check also the overview of the Berlin record shops and delete your Spotify shit. Of course, we have a festival calendar, and we also have a series of pictures of events such as Fete de la Musique or Republica and street art exhibitions. You can also pick up information on club culture throughout Germany. On Top we have recommendations for music releases and label presentations. The CLUBMAP has been running since 2007, and co-organizer of the ZUG DER LIEBE and OPENAIR TO GO. We also update the CLUBKATASTER of the Musicboard Berlin. Our motto is: a beer no job with guestlist in thats the way we spell berlin…

20.10. Super_Schlag_Festival @ gr_und

Super_Schlag_Festival October 20, 2018 gr_und Seestr. 49 13347 Berlin-Wedding Free entrance before 8.30pm Welcome to gr_und’s first festival ! gr_und is a nonprofit artist-run space situated in Wedding, Berlin. gr_und is an active space for the materialisation of curated concepts. using multi-displinary methods of visual art, performance, sound and linguistics. gr_und is a platform for […]

19.10. Stratosphera Records’ Showcase Party im OHM BERLIN

“Music makes you see the world from another perspective, it’s the voice we have chosen to represent who we are and what we want.” Says T Kode, founder of Berlin based label Stratoshpera Records, as he prepares to make that statement clear on October 19th on the label’s first Showcase at OHM Berlin. With their […]

29.9. AAJA Soundsystem at Paloma Berlin

Paloma Berlin AAJA Deptford is a space in South East London situated in an old railway arch in Deptford. The archway consists of a radio, event and live streaming space. To celebrate the opening, AAJA Soundsystem will be taking over Paloma in Berlin for a long, late night session. Whilst AAJA takeover the downstairs area. […]

Label Interview: Occultists

Facebook Soundscloud Instagram Youtube How did you come to do what you do? When did the first idea of creating the label came out? Well I started going to raves in the late 90s and I started buying my first records and DJing in 2000. From there it kind of kept growing and evolving. I […]


DO 30.08. WELCOME TO PERRYDISE ALBUM RELEASE PARTY Tube & Berger YOUNOTUS Phil Fuldner Ante Perry THURSDAY 30th of August Ritter Butzke BERLIN PREORDER WELCOME TO PERRYDISE: Sipping on sweet cocktails underneath palm trees. Banging beats and good times with your best friends. Once you enter Ante’s Perrydise, you’ll want to stay for the ride. […]

27.4. Detroit Swindle’s Residency – All-Nighter Edition im Prince Charles Club

Prince Charles Club Prinzenstrasse 85F, 10969 Berlin Detroit Swindle (Heist Recordings) Support: Tim Vitá (Prince Charles) Back in the days it was always common to run a club night with iconic resident DJs. Prince Charles revives the idea and gives DJs the opportunity to run a residency with a variating contextual focus. 4 months, 4 […]

The club scene in Berlin. Sucked away more than the hype, then again more exciting than you think. Time and again, the collective drug excesses are conjured up, laughed at the crashing down in the mountain grove, the taxi puking all over Sunday night and moaning about the eternal +1 at FB events. And anyway, techno is the life par excellence. At least at Hotze. But else? Berlin’s club culture has made sure that when it comes to clubs, nobody thinks of mainstream discotheques, but of techno clubs. After Techno had passed in the 90’s, Indie Rock came back in the 2000’s with bands like Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes or White Stripes. The scene around Loophole, Backyard, space for drastic measures, Urban Spree and ZKU has wonderfully managed to combine art & culture with party.

Meanwhile Techno in Berlin has completed various creative mutations of Techno with Breakcore, Detroit Techno, Doomcore, Dub-Techno, Gabba, Happy Hardcore, Industrial, Minimal Techno, Progressive, Schranz, Speedcore, Tech House, Trance.

In the meantime, as in the 90s, success is eating away at the scene and creating creepy excesses like EDM and New German Deephouse Wave. Techno has been said dead so many times in 25 years, but this cup will also pass. In addition, a new generation is about to take off, with the electric power station, turbine and planet no longer telling them anything, but they are developing their own idea of techno, such as the anomaly.

Techno in Berlin, however, is constantly reinventing itself, and that’s a good thing, because pure preservation doesn’t fit in with this music, which is also changing. Techno itself, the much-vaunted elixir for soul and ears, but doesn’t run so often in this club scene anymore. Here too, a critical question has to be asked: Is it too hard for the younger club people? What happens? Comparing the line ups, you will find a brute clatter with decent bass in the fewest locations. If you are eager to know that Hellersdorf is half represented in the vault, then you have to ask yourself why I was never there, but in all the other hyped clubs that don’t play techno. Is that really my music, or do I just like this Ableton Live stuff? Is techno too rough for me and doesn’t fit my skinny jeans? Techno is also an attitude to life, so they say.

The question arises, however, whether these parallel scenes of today’s techno culture, these ideals, i. e. peace, tolerance, sexual freedom and hedonism, are still to be taken up? Many Berlin clubs are ultimately discotheques for high earners and certainly no longer a refuge for an alternative youth culture. Berlin is quite far ahead in terms of door policy, envy, bullying, harassment, ignorance, elite thinking and arrogance, and unfortunately this development, which has been going on for years, is still welcomed in many places. And yet it’s the best city in the world, the club scene is simply great and anyone who claims otherwise can just use their knees for sexual intercourse.

PS: The Berghain, Watergate, Suicide Circus, Sisyphos, About Blank, Tresor, Mensch Meier and Heideglühen electronically set the tone. Astra, Lido, Music & Peace and Bi Nuu are responsible for headbanging in Berlin. The soul, funk and rapper corner is covered by Bohannon, Prince Charles, 2BE Club, Cassiopeia, Yaam and St. George.