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Art Of Tones – Unbalanced

promo packshot Label: Local Talk Artist: Art Of Tones Title: Unbalanced Release Date: Friday 30 November 2018 Format: Digital CAT: LTCD011 01. ProleÌgomeÌnes 02. Have Fun For A Little 03. Keep On Having Fun 04. Where One Is 05. Radio Hustle 06. A Comfort Zone 07. Grow 08. To The Limit 09. I Can 10. […]

20.12. Circle Of Live mit Âme Live, Mathew Jonson, Sebastian Mullaert im FUNKHAUS

FUNKHAUS Nalepastraße 18-50, 12459 Berlin vom Bhf. – Ostkreuz: Tram 21: Richtung Schöneweide bis 23:49 Haltestelle Neue Bahnhofstr./Boxhagenerstr. bis Köpenicker Chaussee/Blockdammweg Taxi: 5 min vom Hauptstrasse Ausgang Funkhaus pres. Circle Of Live: Âme Live, Ljudbilden & Piloten, Mathew Jonson, Sebastian Mullaert! – all night long! Donnerstag, 20. Dezember 2018 von 18:30 bis 01:00 Circle Of […]

7.12. Berlin Invasion #23 with Unit Moebius Live

Mensch Meier Storkower Str. 121, 10407 Berlin Line-up / Unit Moebius (live) (Acid Planet, Bunker records) NL Maxx Rossi (Polymeric, Primate, Suspected) UK Rolandson (Seaside Trip, RITUAL Recordings) DE Konik Polny (Berlin Invasion / Joprec ) IT Groove daniel (Berlin Invasion / Lounge Squatt) IT Akiko Iwahara (T Sessions, SATSUKI Records ) JP Ukik (Hearworm) […]

Early Jacker – Promessas

Artist: Early Jacker Title: Promessas EP Label: Percebes Cat Number: PRCBS003 Genre: House Release Date: 25th Nov 2018 Format: Vinyl & Digital LISTEN Percebes is releasing its third record since its inception in February, well before its first birthday. Bent on showcasing Portugal’s most talented “under the radar” producers and musicians, the new record is […]

Ray Okpara – For Those Who Know EP

Label: This And That Lab Artist: Ray Okpara Title: For Those Who Know EP Release Date: Friday 23 November 2018 Format: Digital CAT#: TNT036 01. For Those Who Know 02. For Those Who Know (Davide Squillace Remix) 03. Off To The Mix This And That Lab is the label project of Davide Squillace who features […]

Clipp.Art – Various

promo packshot Label: Clipp.Art Artist: Various Catalogue number: Clipp 44,45,46,47 Format: digital Release date: Nov 2018 LISTEN Clipp.Art Originals promises an ongoing series of weekly/bi-weekly digital cuts – complemented by the occasional limited edition split artist 12 inch. Thodén – Crash EP [CLIPP044] Thodén layers emotional synths and melodies in this EP like your auntie […]

The club scene in Berlin. Sucked away more than the hype, then again more exciting than you think. Time and again, the collective drug excesses are conjured up, laughed at the crashing down in the mountain grove, the taxi puking all over Sunday night and moaning about the eternal +1 at FB events. And anyway, techno is the life par excellence. At least at Hotze. But else? Berlin’s club culture has made sure that when it comes to clubs, nobody thinks of mainstream discotheques, but of techno clubs. After Techno had passed in the 90’s, Indie Rock came back in the 2000’s with bands like Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes or White Stripes. The scene around Loophole, Backyard, space for drastic measures, Urban Spree and ZKU has wonderfully managed to combine art & culture with party.

Meanwhile Techno in Berlin has completed various creative mutations of Techno with Breakcore, Detroit Techno, Doomcore, Dub-Techno, Gabba, Happy Hardcore, Industrial, Minimal Techno, Progressive, Schranz, Speedcore, Tech House, Trance.

In the meantime, as in the 90s, success is eating away at the scene and creating creepy excesses like EDM and New German Deephouse Wave. Techno has been said dead so many times in 25 years, but this cup will also pass. In addition, a new generation is about to take off, with the electric power station, turbine and planet no longer telling them anything, but they are developing their own idea of techno, such as the anomaly.

Techno in Berlin, however, is constantly reinventing itself, and that’s a good thing, because pure preservation doesn’t fit in with this music, which is also changing. Techno itself, the much-vaunted elixir for soul and ears, but doesn’t run so often in this club scene anymore. Here too, a critical question has to be asked: Is it too hard for the younger club people? What happens? Comparing the line ups, you will find a brute clatter with decent bass in the fewest locations. If you are eager to know that Hellersdorf is half represented in the vault, then you have to ask yourself why I was never there, but in all the other hyped clubs that don’t play techno. Is that really my music, or do I just like this Ableton Live stuff? Is techno too rough for me and doesn’t fit my skinny jeans? Techno is also an attitude to life, so they say.

The question arises, however, whether these parallel scenes of today’s techno culture, these ideals, i. e. peace, tolerance, sexual freedom and hedonism, are still to be taken up? Many Berlin clubs are ultimately discotheques for high earners and certainly no longer a refuge for an alternative youth culture. Berlin is quite far ahead in terms of door policy, envy, bullying, harassment, ignorance, elite thinking and arrogance, and unfortunately this development, which has been going on for years, is still welcomed in many places. And yet it’s the best city in the world, the club scene is simply great and anyone who claims otherwise can just use their knees for sexual intercourse.

PS: The Berghain, Watergate, Suicide Circus, Sisyphos, About Blank, Tresor, Mensch Meier and Heideglühen electronically set the tone. Astra, Lido, Music & Peace and Bi Nuu are responsible for headbanging in Berlin. The soul, funk and rapper corner is covered by Bohannon, Prince Charles, 2BE Club, Cassiopeia, Yaam and St. George.