Stattbad (CLOSED)

Adress: Gerichtstraße 65 13347 Berlin

In its original form designed by the renowned architect and Berlin city planner Ludwig Hoffmann, the bathroom was once a meeting point for the people of Wedding. During World War II the building was heavily damaged and eventually rebuilt. After numerous modifications the premises are today dominated by the sleek aesthetics of the 60s. In 2001, Stattbad Wedding was closed for bathing. After years of vacancy, the rededication of the town took place in 2009: from Stattbad Wedding was now STATTBAD. The story behind it is quite interesting, because it probably enabled an investor named Arne beep grass.
Stattbad sees itself as an international and interdisciplinary centre for contemporary art and music. The program is characterized by events, which takes up the unusual environment and is constantly reinterpreted. Exhibitions, parties, large-scale installations and classical concerts at a high level are part of the repertoire of Stattbad. The Berlin branch of the “Boiler Room” organized its sessions here and of course there are parties. Instead of eight and Sweat Inc are held regularly, in between there are also times as dan delicacies like 30 years R & S Records. In between there is the PLACE MARKET, which is dedicated exclusively to art. The ever-new design of the exterior facade by various artists is legendary. On the three floors of the main building artists, designers, musicians, and small businesses have settled in offices, studios and workshops.