Alchemise It

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Alchemise it
is a celebration and exploration on new age practices, combining, film, performance and spiritual readers.

In the back screening room we will be showing 7 short films – all revolving around spiritual practices.
Featuring films:
Lux Nox The Beginning of our Story – Malado Baldwin
Diana – Traci Hercher
OSTARA – Mary Evans
A Telepathic Film – Broadbent Sisters
Midnight Forms – Broadbent Sisters
[the listening heart] – storäe michele
*Venus-Alchemie – Imogen Mansfield and Britt Angus
* with accompanying live performance

In the main room the selected practitioners:

Luisa Kraft astrology tarot
Rowan Johnson oracle, tarot
Clarisse Monahan astrology, tarot
Eleni Tongidou astrology
Diane Daayan tarot

will be offering two types of readings:

Alchemise it

* an introduction reading on tarot or astro, the readers will give
you a description of whats most foundational in the alchemy of their medium
* duration 15 minute
* donation prices range between 7-10 euro

In depth

* a thorough reading of astro or tarot
* 30 minutes up to 1 hour
* donation prices range between 20-30 euro

The Practitioners of Alchemise it:

⚜Rowan Johnson

Rowan Johnson is an oracle reader specializing in traditional divinatory systems from across different cultures, Tarot, Russian Gypsy Cards, Runes, Ogam (the Celtic tree oracle) and I Ching. In reading Tarot he offers a choice out of Smith/weight, the classic esoteric deck from the early twentieth century, or the Spanish Tarot, a medieval tarot similar to the Marseille Tarot. Russian Gypsy Cards originated with nomadic people of nineteenth century Ukraine, lay out all 25 cards to generate meanings. Runes, the oracle of the vikings, is read by casting the stones onto a rune cloth divided into nine sections each representing a world in Norse cosmology. The Celtic tree oracle, the oracle of the druids, consists of twenty twigs each from a different tree, each tree has a different meaning associated with its magical and literary folklore. The I Ching, the ancient Chinese coin oracle, uses a mathematical binary system to generate arcane snippets of ancient Chinese Wisdom. Rowan considers himself to be a scholar of oracle systems, not a psychic or a medium

Luisa Kraft

Luisa Kraft is an author and astrologer from Berlin.
She has practiced counseling astrology for 8 years. Her focus is to show her clients a new perspective to „read“ their own resources and life experiences in an empowering and creative way. She has been publishing an online blog about the full moon, its sign and constellations for 4 years that has just been released as a book (Mondbuch). Regular private classes on cyclical knowledge and the use of astrology for our everyday lives are also part of her work.

⚜Clarissa Monahan

I studied Philosophy and Economics at University College Dublin before turning to Astrology and its History. Given my background in Maths and Statistics, I am drawn more generally to the power of patterns and probabilities, both on Earth and in the stars. Venus in Retrograde offers sound rather than starry-eyed forecasting based on the precision of planetary transits and their oppositions.

Eleni Tongidou

a kind of magic; a kind of influence

Quintessentially Astrology supports the axiom that the world is not divisible from the psyche.
An artist, trained in Visual Arts, I have also been absorbed into practices such as Astrology, Practical Magic, Herbalism which support me in further exploring the micro and the macro in our holographic realities.
The practice of assisting others connecting to their astrological charts deeply resonates with me and promoting this alchemical transformation has become part of my work.

⚜Diane Daayan

„Tarot, for me, is a politically-revealing mode of bringing the unspeakable knowledge of the body to the attention of the linguistically-oriented bodily practices (popularly called ‘the mind’.) My tarot practice is aimed at making these connections, and is thus deeply related to my striving practice of altleft witchcraft. Like other practices of altleft witchcraft, I consider tarot reading to be a collaborative practice. Practically this means that every reading session with me is designed around a question provoked by the seeker. I do not conduct sessions without specific questions. Witchcraft is about precision in everyday concrete material affairs, and every tarot reading needs to be led by question in order to be effective. I believe knowledge created through witchcraft is a two-way street: Much like in a dance the witch reading the tarot follows the lead of the seeker. Visions are always partial; hence, collaborative.“

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21 (Tuesday) 20:00 - 22 (Wednesday) 01:00


Loophole | BERLIN

Boddinstrasse 60, 12053 Berlin