24aug20:0023:59ATTUNE @ ACUD MACHT NEU

Event Details

24.8 ACUD Club, 20H
Presale – €10
Door – €12
Today in this smartphone world most of us get busy taking photos or videos instead of truly experiencing the present. Social media perhaps makes it worse because we know we should limit our time on it yet we find ourselves doomscrolling for hours contributing to the vicious cycle of more likes and more photos and videos. Live music, however, is a potent reminder of the beauty of the here and now. Few things are as magical as those moments when a musician creates music in real-time. The artist is truly present when making it and the audience needs to be truly present to experience it.
Attune is a project that aims to remind us to live in the moment through concerts/music events with liveacts. Each artist at the event plays their own music live. Each event has a different sound. This event at ACUD will explore some fresh and independent electronic live acts based in Berlin.
Josef Kunz
Gabriele Bracciali