girls.lazy.sunday mit Crush Night @ Minimal Bar

30apr01maygirls.lazy.sunday mit Crush Night @ Minimal Bar

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Crush Night

Diskohexe Heimlich Maneuver Laenz sleeptwitch
CRUSH Kollektiv stands for a queer antiracist feminist nightlife. We acknowledge that different types of privilege, oppression and marginalisation can intersect in people’s lives.
That means we don’t tolerate racism, trans-negativity, queer-negativity, sexism, fat-negativity, ageism, ableism, classism or any other discriminatory behaviour. Consent is key, boundaries must be respected. Assumptions are the termites of relationships!
For that reason CRUSH has been collaborating with awareness collectives like TS Raver or Sonar to ensure an inclusive and safer event for everyone.


April 30 (Sunday) 18:00 - May 1 (Monday) 06:00


Minimalbar | BERLIN