Hard Trade Open AIR @ Funkhaus Berlin

13aug13:0023:00Hard Trade Open AIR @ Funkhaus Berlin

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Clara Cuvé
Tahl (US)

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HARD TRADE is an event series that emerged from the well known TRADE partys.
Focusing on the harder and faster side of club music the first HARD TRADE was such a success in 2020 that there will be a much bigger focus on HARD TRADE.
The last party pre corona was in January 2020 when we took over both floors of Griessmuehle with a devastating lineup. Now we are back with multiple HARD TRADE Open Air’s at Funkhaus and SAGE Beach.

Kobosil is considered one of techno’s fastest rising DJs and producers, having helped pioneer a sound that is at once deep, fast and aggressive.

Clara Cuvé does not relinquish pace nor energy. Her roots go back to classical piano in which she was trained since the age of four. Claras deep love of music naturally lead her to begin accumulating a record collection throughout the years, which she deploys during her energetic sets ranging from fast and groovy Techno to Breakbeat, Jungle and Hardcore, always focusing on groove and dynamics.

After becoming part of the Munich label Stock5 and their monthly event series at Rote Sonne, she made her way to Berlin where she became a resident at the infamous event series Mess that takes place at OHM and started touring all over the world. In 2020 she released her debut track “Control“ on R-Label Groups first compilation “Sektion 1“, a hard pounding Techno banger with a haunting voice and mesmerizing synth line.

Wallis is a heavy-hitting techno producer, DJ, label owner and mastering engineer based in Berlin. Using an array of synthesizers, effects units, and experimental studio techniques, Wallis produces confrontational and urgent techno that shifts constantly between different patterns and atmospheres.

Described by promoter and podcast series The Brvtalist as “one of the most dynamic artists emerging on the global scene”, she released a steady stream of podcasts on channels such as Boiler Room, Possession, Reclaim Your City, Hate and numerous others. Monument magazine listed her as one of the “5 emerging techno producers in Germany”: she launched her very own label, Jell, released on various labels such as Possession and recently released on the infamous R-Label.

Promoter Strictly Forbidden describes her live sets as “unapologetic and merciless, an ever-evolving set-up always based upon one main instrument: her modular synthesizer.” Having played at Berlin clubs Säule of Berghain, Tresor and Griessmühle, to name a few, she holds a residency in Trauma Bar at the Floorgasm party, and plays all over Europe and further.

An emerging talent of prominence hailing from Mexico, Lokier, as a DJ & producer is cutting a stream into the estuaries of techno, industrial, EBM and electro afixed with new wave, and its denounced varieties. While running the gamut of Berlin’s underground, from off-location raves to Panorama Bar and Tresor, her breech into the European circuit, although clandestine, has seen Lokier gain familiarity, further expounded through spot on Rinse FM and Red Light Radio.

Lokier’s diversity in style throws down an array of dramatic soundtrack moves for the dancefloor, banging beats, weirdo synth, and power electronics. Having sets marked down in Robert Johnson, New York’s Good Room, Amsterdam’s Reaktor parties, Rex in Paris, and Berghain’s Säule. Lokier has also been in several parts of the world includin North America, Europe, Asia, and soon South America. With a production front now hitting its stride following a debut record for Rotterdam’s Pinkman, her early associations came through Squirrels On Film and Boyz Noise Rec.

Presenting a high voltage kinetic between heavier body music and the dark intergalactic romance of electro, her tracks over the years have made their way to the edit pits of Mick Wills, Solar’s giallo horror platform Squirrels on Film, to aufnahme + wiedergabe and Sacred Bones with a remix of The Soft Moon. Amid the regalia of gothic, and post-industrial music, Lokier’s plunge into the deeper esoterics of this sound only adds a fresh and inspired ethos to her work, aesthetic and vision.

Tahl, sometimes known as the döner disciple, cat daddy, lil acid reflux, or mr medium talk, is a banger slinger. Seriously, he loves to sling bangers. Of all varieties. Preferably on dance floors, and more often than not of the high-tempo, rave ready variety. He can be most often found having hard fun on funktion ones as a resident of Power Play, a series of off-location parties in Berlin.

If you’d like to get acquainted, we’d recommend his latest mixes for Norwegian trance princes UTE, or Berlin’s high-octane rave afficianodos Ismus. He dabbles in production as well – remixing Mr. Free for BunkerBauer and frequently self-releasing party rocking edits on his Bandcamp & Soundcloud.

Hybral is a Berlin based non-binary DJ and producer who is drawn to everything that’s dark. They mix and produce eerie drones, haunting industrial techno, EBM-esque and noisy driven underground rave sounds.
Hybral´s sound is characterized by intense evolving atmospheres, pushing percussions and basslines as well as heavy distorted kicks and harsh machine noises – ranging from contemplative cinemtatic ambient to rough fast techno.

They are also founder of the queer label, podcast and event series Subverted that is focusing on dark, hard industrial techno with influences by both EBM and hypnotic techno and is aiming to lead the scene back to its roots of resistance and diversity.


„What’s new in techno? These rising local DJs represent some of the genre’s fresher and faster sounds.“