Heroines Of Sound Festival – Day 2 @ Radialsystem

08jul18:0023:59Heroines Of Sound Festival – Day 2 @ Radialsystem

Event Details

Yiran Zhao // Kirstine Lindemann // Sebastian Berweck // Alessandra Eramo // Norma Beecroft // Annesley Black // Dorit Chrysler // Micheline Coulombe // Saint-Marcoux // Misha Cvijović // Marcelle Deschênes // Zosha Di Castri // Chantal Dumas // Anna Friz // Monique Jean // Svetlana Maraš // OTHER EYE // Ann Southam // Roxanne Turcotte // Pía Alvarado Arróspide // Claudia Sofía Alvarez // Theresa Beyer // Annesley Black // Giada della Bontà // Juliana Hodkinson //
Ale Hop // Kirstine Lindemann // Barbara Lüneburg // Laura Robles // Ana Maria Rodriguez // Kotoka Suzuki //

The second evening of the „Heroines of Sound“ festival starts with an audiovisual and live electronic performance by the duo OTHER EYE – with Yiran Zhao and Kirstine Lindemann. Sebastian Berweck presents the sound of the legendary Moog Minimoog – an analog synthesizer from 1970 – with new works by Svetlana Maraš, Annesley Black and Kirstine Lindemann as well as a commissioned work by musician and composer Dorit Chrysler. Another festival highlight will be an intergenerational look at the Canadian music scene, with recent works by Zosha Di Castri and others, and early acousmatic music following by pioneers such as Norma Beecroft, Marcelle Deschênes and Ann Southam.

Beforehand, the program includes a workshop with Alexandra Cárdenas from the international live coding and algorave community and two discussions on Peru’s electronic scene and the dissolution of boundaries in electronic music with the evening’s female composers.

As Germany’s only cross-genre feminist music festival, Heroines of Sound is internationally recognized and unique in the European festival landscape. The festival performs outstanding early works as well as forward-looking positions by younger artists. Having grown out of the Berlin scene in 2014, the festival is now networked with partners in Germany and around the world. The idea is to make the connecting lines of different genres tangible and to continuously strengthen the presence of female artists in the art and music scene.

From 6 pm: Film and Soundbar
3 pm: Workshop with Alexandra Cárdenas
4-6 pm: Panel II „Kontexte der elektronischen Musik in Peru“
6-7.30 pm: Panel III „Entgrenzungen – Elektronische Musik und Performance“
8 pm: Concert I – The Minimoog Project
10.30 pm: Concert II – Tape Konzert (curated by Annesley Black)


8. July 2022 18:00 - 23:59(GMT+02:00)