Humbi Kult Session19 The Thursday Club

21sep(sep 21)19:0022(sep 22)04:00Humbi Kult Session19 The Thursday Club

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The Thursday Club @Humbi Kult is all about the diversity of Sound.
The Opening will be spent with the one and only DJ Malow at the Soundgarden.
Speaknspell invites you afterwards at the main Floor with a UK Bass & House Tune.
Nils & Casper will highlight the event with a special Techno Live-Set, only to be finalized by a Dark Disco DJ-Set by Fuunkt.

Thursday Sound Diversity only at Humbi Kult. Every Thursday! Starts at 19:00!

Kunst muss die Welt verändern!

DJ Malow:
DJ Malow is known for his catchy tunes and a lover of diverse Sound. As a Humboldthain True-Schooler he will welcome you at the Garden with pure Groove and dynamic rhythms.
CasperJeanVirgo, ist ein heranwachsender Berliner Künstler, Schauspieler und Musiker, der auf den Straßen Berlins seine Erziehung genossen hat In jungen Jahren schon in der Clubszene unterwegs, findet er seinen Weg zur eigenen Kreation/Komposition von elektronischer und akustischer Musik. Dem Sound eine eigene Interpretation geben mit Anlehnung an die Berliner Club- sowie die Klangkunstszene.


Nils Haack studiert Jazz-Trompete in Dresden und verbindet in mehreren Projekten Elektronische Musik mit Live-Improvisation. Sein diesjähriges Release Debut „Amygdala“ und die daran anknüpfende Platte „Coincidence“ gemeinsam mit Affect! auf Salomo records verbinden Melodisches und Melancholie mit kompromissloser Rythmik. Sein Trompetenspiel war zuletzt auf Dr. Sud’s „Evening Breath“ zu hören.

After studying drum performance in Barcelona, Jose Luis Garrido devoted himself full time to playing funk, r&b, jazz and world music. At the age of 27, he began focusing his career in electronic music: beginning with his band E-Sweat (electronic rock), subsequently developing his own hybrid drum sets (electronic/acoustic), and most recently, in producing and performing as a DJ and Live (Fuunkt). Some of his most notable drumming collaborations include multiple European tours with the soul band The Excitements, as well as the North African-electronic band Yacine Belahcene. Additionally, Jose Luis was one of the founding members of PIVOT, an avant-garde 6 person band that created live collaborative electronic sets on the stage using musical hand signs. As a producer, Fuunkt has released music with Ninefont Records (2021) and Blechtrommel Records (2023). Fuunkt has been playing (Dj and Live) at Funkhaus (Catalyst/Etikett Radio), Süss War Gestern, Aeve, Studio 69, among others.


This boy is exactly this, when you are thinking of Berlin Guys: open, lively, colorful, creative and with a carefree attitude towards life, what is almost contagious. And like he always being asked, no! speaknspell are not the name of this guy, and no, it is not the education toy from the old Movie E.T. you might be thinking of.
A big passion for House Music and a big love with old analogue synthesizers, was reason enough to decide to produce music.
„It is the magic between, what makes his sound so special, and the audience could feel and see it when ever he play“
All started with Hip Hop and Rap Music! From first little steps in their early days, he have spent many time of collecting vinyl and playing Rap, Soul, Funk, Ragga and Dancehall tunes on small venues, the passion of club music became more and more deep for him.
After some years he moved to Drum and Bass and Techno and the sound influences became more and more dark flavors.
But it is like it is, the main engine for over 10 years deep in the clubbing scene was always straight jacking house music. And this is where all the love comes from. It is pure soul!
When he is playing in a club, the sensitive feeling for the moment is never missing. Show some love for Speaknspell!


Kunst muss die Welt verändern!


21 (Thursday) 19:00 - 22 (Friday) 04:00