Humbi Kult Session#23 "Bitterfeld Musik präsentiert!"

19oct(oct 19)19:0020(oct 20)04:00Humbi Kult Session#23 "Bitterfeld Musik präsentiert!"

Event Details

Humbi Kult Session#23

“Bitterfeld Musik präsentiert!”

“Music for a bitter future!”

Running Order & Line Up:

Marius Reisser

Candie Hank


Welcome to Humbi Kult Session#23 – “Bitterfeld Musik präsentiert: Musik for a bitter Future”

CANDIE HANK (Gagarin, Shitkatapult, Sonig)

CANDIE HANK aka PATRIC CATANI is a Berlin based music producer known for a wide range of live projects, album releases and soundtracks. He started making music in 1992, in his kids room, on an Amiga home computer. His early signature sound brought his name on various German / European underground labels, as well as on Grand Royal and Wordsound (US) or on Beat Ink (Japan).

The late 90s found him touring extensively worldwide with his techno, gabba and breakbeats sets as E de Cologne or with his digital hardcore band, EC8OR, featuring Gina d’Orio. What started in the 90s as an Amiga powered, boisterous sound messing up with the musical landscapes, has later evolved into more psychedelic melodies, experimental bounce & bass, as well as elaborate compositions for video games, film, theater, and art projects. Catani enjoyed Berlin’s early 2000 creative frenzy working as a producer with various legends such as Paul PM / Puppetmastaz, Angie Reed, Max Turner, Peaches and Gonzales, as well as releasing his own albums. By now, he has been involved in about 100 releases under his real name or under various monikers like Flex Busterman (fictive video game soundtrack), Ill Till (for the rap project Xberg Dhirty6 Cru) or Candie Hank (an exotic fellow that swiftly swings from psychedelic bounce & bass to chiptune, cumbia, salon music for vampires, and happy jellyfish tango).

His atmospheric productions have also been commissioned for sound installations (such as “Lemniscate”, an art project by Jorinde Voigt presented at Robert Wilson Institute / Watermill Center in Long Island) or in sculptural performances and videos created by the artist duo Bankleer (Karachi Biennale -Pakistan, 2017; Maxxi National Museum – Rome, 2020).

But it’s the first big love that one never forgets, and that for him was video games. Nowadays, Patric Catani is employing his composer skills to produce sophisticated video game soundtracks, living hischildhood dream. The soundtracks he made for hit games like Pit People, BattleBlock Theater or Alien Hominid Invasion, developed by the San Diego based cult company The Behemoth for Xbox, Steam and Nintendo Switch, are cherished by millions worldwide.





QWERTY(Bitterfeld Musik, Cold Blow, Breakin´Records)

Qwerty is a producer from Croatia who began releasing electronic music

in the late 1990s on labels such as Phthalo and Breakin’ Records. He was

also actively DJing and throwing parties – especially in Zagreb. Today

he’s busy working as an engineer in music tech, while still actively

DJing and occasionally releasing tracks on various labels like Childhood

Intelligence, Bitterfeld and Cold Blow.


MARIUS REISSER(Bitterfeld Musik)

More than a decade of Berlin club experience is resonating in Marius

Reisser’s sets and attending one of them reveals the nuances that make the difference between a DJ and a DJ.

What makes him a truly legendary member of the Berlin music scene is his devotion to sonic excellence as a DJ, former concert promoter, former record shop owner and former radio presenter offering a spectrum that ranges from all forms of what people call Bass Music, Electro, twisted Techno and House to Hiphop, Disco, Psychedelia and Ambient.

Since 1998, he has been playing and promoting in Berlin locations some of which are legendary, some renamed, some removed and most even gone.

He has performed live concerts and released his own productions under the alias Disscoxx, in the process, remixing artists such as Hecq (Hymen Records, 2009) and collaborating with Frank Bretschneider on his Super.Trigger album (Raster-Noton 2013).

Reisser reserves his third tongue twisting pseudonym Ohboygeorgemichaeljacksonpollock for Djing at the legendary Birthday Party Berlin series that he used to run together with rave and internet TV-mogul Jason Forrest amongst others. From 2011 to 2012, Reisser (together with Reece Walker aka DJ Carmel) has been hosting the radio show Dense FM on Berlin´s Twen FM presenting music together with changing guests. A few years later the both of them established the Bitterfeld Musik label.

Besides that Marius finds relaxation in his work as an architect.


19 (Thursday) 19:00 - 20 (Friday) 04:00