Humbi Kult Session#28 Dub Space Nine mit Dub Taylor

23nov(nov 23)19:0024(nov 24)04:00Humbi Kult Session#28 Dub Space Nine mit Dub Taylor

Event Details

Humbi Kult Session#28 – Dub Space Nine mit Dub Taylor!!

Line Up:

Dub Taylor
Gunther // Monday Edition
Die Beiden
DJ Flekma

Gagh! Bloodvine!
Romulan Ale*.. and Dubtechno!

This is a good day for a Rave.

We invited specialists from all over the quadrant, for this purpose

We all need (apart from a warp drive) a clear focus on things we seemed to have lost as residents of this quadrant.

At Humbi Kult we create space in Order for it to return as Kahles shall, one day!


The Rave is strong in all of us but check these ALF out:

Stardate 23.11.23 7PM – Die Beiden

Stardate 23.12.23 2130 – Dub Taylor

Stardate 23.12.24 0030 – Gunther // Monday Edition!

At Humbi Kult Sessions, the Humboldthain Club, we do not tolerate interstellar or stellar racism, homophobia, sexism in any kind and direction, antisemitism, anti-borg behaviour and Klingon Opera Flashmobs.

Please accept the rules of federational law and its primary directive!

This is a safe space for everyone that appreciates its values.

All Wesley Crusher Fancrews shall be welcome – but we ask you to stay away from the Warp drive this time please.

Kunst muss die Welt verändern!


*Odo says:
*Due to Security reasons, only five humanoids are to be awarded with this Treatment.
** Due to the current events at Romolus Prime, the Ale-Supply has been shortend for every visitor of the station. This counts as well for Gagh and Bloodvine.
*** We do have Raktajino! Please ask your favourite Bar Tender if you are worth the effort.


23 (Thursday) 19:00 - 24 (Friday) 04:00