25jun(jun 25)18:0026(jun 26)08:00LUNCHBOX CANDY SATURDAY JUNE 25 th @ ÆDEN

Event Details

Following up to an acclaimed 3rd iteration which saw us bring the house down at ÆDEN, we’ll be returning to the Berlin clubbing institution for another leg of our champion gender-bending celebration with a stellar cast of musicians, performers and dancers. Starting on the outdoor dancefloor in ÆDEN’s garden from 6PM to Lord knows when, LUNCHBOX CANDY will serve as your vessel towards an absolute climax of transcending euphoria and hedonistic let-go, carefully curated to create a safe and sexy atmosphere for all to indulge in thru and thru.
This time around, even more reasons to celebrate on the menu. First of all, we’ll be toasting to the launch of Elninodiablo’s new „Vaugahyde Remixes“ EP, coming out on June 24th and featuring the talented likes of the Emperor Machine, John Tejada, Theus Mago, Matisa and Aurum Miles.

A private pre-release screening of Adam Munnings‘ stunning music video for ‘Vaugahyde’ will also take place, as we celebrate Adam’s new trip around the sun. But hey, just peep our stellar cast of hosts for the night: Phoenix Chase-Meares, Dustin Hanke, Guttergucci, Rainer Sellien, Alvin Collantes. This alone screams memorable party all around.
Gathered to beam up the good vibes across the dance floor, the line-up once again reveals scrumptious if anything. Opening festivities on the outside dancefloor, Vio PRG (Flight Mode show operator on Refuge Worldwide) will warm everyone up to their time-traveling/space-expanding blends of 90s-laced techno, Chicagoan house and further left-of-centre oddities.

Resident LBC jockey La Schmock will pick up the torch inside ÆDEN with a three-hour set spanning his widely Italo-wave-informed imaginarium, taking us straight back into the neon-lit heart of the 80s.

Fellow LBC co-head exec Adam Munnings will grace us with his own uninhibited take on disco-infused, boogie-inducing rhythms (candle-blowing mode activated).

In the wake of Elninodiablo’s new live performance alongside world-renowned percussionist Sudha Kheterpal (it’s become an in-house special), treating us to their ever-pulsating blends of quirky techno, jazzed-up electronics and fiery drum play, special guest Mexican talent Theus Mago (Duro/Correspondant) will take care of steering the crowd into his own exquisitely fun and playful headspace – a most incendiary blender of EBM, wave and muscular electro workouts to keep the ravers and revellers busy throughout. Rising Lithuanian star Aurum Miles, also responsible for an outstanding remix of Elninodiablo „Vaugahyde“ like Theus Mago, will bring his inimitable groove mystique to the table, enticing us down a luxuriant path of arpeggiated madness, synth-soaked momentums and otherworldly ambiences. Sweltering.

LUNCHBOX CANDY’s reputation is gaining grounds as Berlin’s best party around, as heard through the grapevine’s ever knowledgeable channels, and many attendees have attested to such a bold statement. Full capacity was reached by midnight, so be sure to get your ticket in time and hop on board our all-embracing love wagon, no matter your kind: gender-bender, queer, LGBTQi, club kid, established Berlin clubber, drag queen. We’re in it as one. LUNCHBOX CANDY unifying souls since 2021, bitches. Over and out.

line up

7pm – 10pm Vio PRG (Refuge Worldwide) – outdoors

9pm – 12am La Schmock (Gegen Berlin) – indoors

12am – 2am Adam Munnings (LBC) – indoors

2am – 5am Elninodiablo w/t Sudha Kheter (live percussion) (LBC) – indoors

5am – 8am Theus Mago (Duro / Correspondant) – indoors

8am – end Aurum Miles (Quixotical) – indoors


25 (Saturday) 18:00 - 26 (Sunday) 08:00