18nov20:3021:45Maya Shenfeld @ ELBPHILHARMONIE

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Samples of brass instruments, electronically drawn out into endless streams. The ethereal singing of children, shaped by the acoustics of an empty indoor swimming pool and digitally transformed into a multi-faceted polyphony. Maya Shenfeld’s music sounds and feels like a voyage into the molecular world of sounds.

Shenfeld studied classical guitar in Jerusalem, before moving to Berlin to expand her musical horizons. These days she plays in punk bands, composes for classical ensembles and is an important voice on the city’s experimental scene. Shenfeld sees this artistic development as being in a state of »free fall«, where all restrictions and boundaries fade away. Her debut album also bears this title: »In Free Fall«. The tracks are an experimentation with musical perception itself. »Music can stretch, shape and even interrupt time,« says Maya Shenfeld, creating almost meditative atmospheres with her compositions that are an open invitation to a new quality of listening.


18. November 2022 20:30 - 21:45(GMT+02:00)



Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1, 20457 Hamburg

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