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Anna Schreit
Black Mirror Park
DJ Pete b2b Finn Johannsen
DJ Hengameh
Ori Raz
SAM (9)
41ISSA b2b O-Wells

MOVING THE NEEDLE is a powerful phrase that captures the essence of making a tangible and meaningful impact in a specific situation or context. It’s the act of bringing about positive change or influencing outcomes in a significant way. Our aim is to make a substantial impact and change the discourse through an event that serves as a chance for mutual understanding and a fundraising initiative, primarily dedicated to offering support and gathering donations for the victims of the Supernova Festival, Ofek and Beit El-Meem.

Since October 7th, we have seen a sharp rise in antisemitism. This is stoked not least by considerable sections of the art and cultural scene. We would like to pause for a moment and ask ourselves: How do we move on after the worst pogrom against Jews since the Shoah? How do we cope with the reality that opinions on the Middle East conflict, often radically simplified, have fueled a level of polarization resulting in hazardous threats to the safety of Jewish communities? Is there even a „we“ in a scene that partially overlooks the necessity of showing solidarity with the victims of the Supernova festival? And how can we create a subculture based on empathy as an answer to the current social discourse characterized by performative declarations of solidarity and racist disinhibition? We need to ask ourselves, for who are these spaces safe and open at the moment. And how can we make our scene a space free from racism and antisemitism. A scene where everyone feels welcome. As part of the event, we will address these topics during the Panel Talk with the journalists Anastasia Tikhomirova, Nicholas Potter and the artist Ori Raz.

Our community comprises diverse voices, and these voices should be amplified to express empathy. Creating spaces where people can come together during these challenging times is essential and highly sought after. We firmly believe that canceling doesn’t allow us to progress and grow together in our community. It has no place in a cultural scene that values diversity and inclusivity. We advocate for an open dialogue. We urge everyone to combat online hatred and show a particular level of understanding during these challenging times. Support each other, forge emotional connections, and offer affection and esteem as emotional assistance to those in our lives. We’ve chosen to donate the entire proceeds of our event to multiple organizations that we strongly endorse:

Tribe of Nova: The Nova community was born for all those people who share our shared core values: freedom, love, movement, connection, unity and giving. On October 7th, 2023, the Supernova International Music Festival hosted dancers, artists and crew from 17 different countries. The terror attack on this unarmed, apolitical group was a heavy loss for hundreds of young souls, beautiful ravers, music people, and advocates for peace. The local and global music communities have been deeply affected by this unfathomable tragedy.

OFEK: OFEK is the first counseling center in Germany to specialize in antisemitism and community-based counseling. OFEK is offering counseling and support in the wake of antisemitic attacks and incidents in German, English, Hebrew and Russian.

Beit El-Meem: Is a home for all genders and sexual identities in Arab society in Israel, and aims to increase the personal and social security of each and everyone as well as to fight against violence and discrimination towards the Arab LGBTQ community.