Sinxergy - Origins III @ OXI Club

18nov(nov 18)23:0019(nov 19)08:00Sinxergy - Origins III @ OXI Club

Event Details

Sinxergy celebrates the start of its residency at OXI Club with this third edition of Origins.

Sinxergy always tries to decrypt and question the things that surround us in order to act in the best way possible.

It is important to be in a permanent questioning in order to be able to be, paradoxically sure of what we do.

Music, the art that we defend and that we will never stop defending, has always been and will always remain the main fuel of our Vision.

Like for any project, it is essential to keep our eyes opened on the scene in which we evolve.
That’s why we want to insist on some points that we believe should be put forward even more.

Sinxergy is a movement born from the hope and belief in a particular musical identity, but above all Sinxergy is built around tolerance.

The tolerance that our movement shows implies the acceptance of all people, whatever their origin, skin color, gender or their sexual orientation.

Sinxergy, beyond being the label of a will to change, is above all a safe space where people who share the same values find themselves.

We try, release after release, as a label, and event after event, as a promoter, to do our best to create a space that fits US.

Let’s never forget that music has always been a tool to escape, which has allowed a large number of oppressed communities to be who they are in an ostracizing and intolerant society.

Sinxergy, and it is very important to write it clearly, promotes and represents this music as much as all the communities that represented it before us and will represent it after us.

We proudly remind you that Sinxergy is a secure community that shares a desire for change, on an artistic and musical level as well as in the consideration we currently have for each other.

We wanted to share with you our desire to unite and that is why we called this event series „Origins“: To get back to the basics, because yes, music is nothing without a community that feels comfortable and safe.

Our music has values that must be put forward to continue to shine and exist.

We do not tolerate any form of sexism, racism or any other form of discrimination.

We will sow confusion and carry the flag of our community, of our music and of our values wherever it is necessary.

It doesn’t matter who you are, the important thing is that WE ARE.

We strive to provide a safe & worry-free space. Please respect everyone’s identity, act with consent and care. Discriminatory behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated. Please respect our no photo/video policy.


18 (Saturday) 23:00 - 19 (Sunday) 08:00