Subverted & Vūmantra. Endarkening rhythms for dystopic sub-cultures @ Mensch Meier

24mar(mar 24)23:5925(mar 25)10:00Subverted & Vūmantra. Endarkening rhythms for dystopic sub-cultures @ Mensch Meier

Event Details

Æthereal Arthropod *live B2B CHLAMYDIA (SUBVERTED)
Codex Empire *live (Horo, Sacred Court)
Ezaüf (VūMantra Records, Trau-ma)
G.xist (Depth.Request, VūMantra Records)
hybral (SUBVERTED)
Harsh Mentor aka Melania .
Nigh/Tmare *live (Thrènes, Several Minor Promises)
SKREI *live (Modern Bön, Metzger Therapie)
Violent (Lethal Curse, Vast Perception)
Vū *live (VūMantra Records, Modern Bön)Industrial Techno, Hard Techno, Dark Ambient, Noise, Hypnotic Techno, Experimental


SUBVERTED and VŪMANTRA team up for a night of industrial techno, ambient, percussive and hypnotic rhythms permeated by obscure atmospheres and ritualistic elements.

Codex Empire returns to Berlin with a dark and intense techno live show with heavy rhythmic elements and texturised soundscapes.

Nigh/Tmare presents his malevolent, obscure, sentimental and melancholic live set that allows a deep journey into introspection. Steadily emerging into a tremendous sound panorama of cryptic techno all wistfulness breaks apart for after all embracing the evil.

Through sinister voices, percussions, harsh textures and dystopian athmospheres, VŪMANTRA founder Vū and Modern Bön & Metzger Therapie resident artist and co-founder SKREI focus on an immersive and meditative experiences with both their live sets.

The dark mysterious techno creature äbvsd, Depth.Request label founder G.XIST and the hypnotic techno artist Ezaüf will have their DJ debuts in Berlin.

Æthereal Arthropod and the punishment techno princess CHLAMYDIA are preparing a special infernal hybrid set and leading us into a matrix of silk-like and globular proteins where fibrous chains of alpha-chitin are flirting with the intracellular gram-negative bacterium.

And last but not least: Harsh Mentor returns to SUBVERTED with Rhythmic Noise and Experimental Techno and is accompanied by the SUBVERTED residents Fluid, Hybral and Nnamael as well as the Lethal Curse label founder Violent who is known for his experimental, cinematic an noisy dark techno sound.


We intend to create a space by and for non-conform people.
Respect people’s pronouns and boundaries.
We do not tolerate any form of discrimination and reserve the right to exclude participants from the event if necessary.

An Awareness Team will be present.

The venue is wheelchair accessible.

Box office only / tickets only at the door

We believe partying should be accessible to all.
If you are unable to afford the entrance fee, please reach out to us for reduced or free entry:


24. March 2023 23:59 - 25. March 2023 10:00(GMT+02:00)

Mensch Meier | BERLIN