Start R19 Club (CLOSED)

R19 Club (CLOSED)

Adresse: Revaler Str. 19, 10245 Berlin

For the Historians among you: The club was formerly known as WYSIWYG. Dieter Polen from the collective Klangsucht started What You See Is What You Get with a partner, in 2011. In January 2013 it ended. Internally, there was probably some infighting. From February 2013 the “Interferenz” Clique has rocked the rooms with their own parties. The club under their leadership is now running under the name “R19″ with such fine events as “Techno aufs Brot”. In November 2013, the R19, was the victim of an arson attack, but was reopened. The people are nice, there are two floors, a relaxed atmosphere too … and a really nice shop. In addition to the normal program, R19 is one of the last bastions open after hours in this city. On Sundays it starts at 10 o’clock.