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Adress: Libauer Straße 1 10245 Berlin

The name Raumklang means surround sound. And here in the club it has special value placed on the acoustic enjoyment. A sophisticated sound system was installed so that the dance floor brings rich bass and high-end detail in pure form. The floor plan is designed so that you can talk at the bar and have one of the many well-mixed cocktails without having to scream. Its doors are open to people who are 21 or older. The front lounge is cosy and the prices for soft drinks, beer and mixed drinks are fair. The door policy is also OK and everyone is checked. If you appear very drunk you will not be allowed in (which is actually very common at all good clubs). Moreover, it is not brimming with tourists. Aimed at the right people who have good taste in music (electronic) and want to listen to it with the perfect sound and celebrate it.