8.11. AWAY x MYL present Move D, Blasha& Allat , DJ Gigola @ About Blank Club

Line Up:
Move D [ Workshop | AWAY Music ]
Blasha & Allatt [ Meat Free ]
DJ Gigola [ Live From Earth ]
Eluize [ Night Tide | Away Music ]
Away Soundsystem [AWAY Music]

About Blank Club

The AWAY family needed a little holiday after pushing the proverbial envelope this Summer. It was totally worth it though! Old friends, new friends, faces that glowed while we tripped the light fantastic. But, as we’ve come to expect the last few years, there’s always a bit more in the tank for the cooler months and the dance must go on. It’s time to give 2019 another whirl or two. Resident, Move D, is back to wield the magic wheels of the unreal, digging deep into his bottomless bag of bliss. Blasha and Allat will be bringing some Mancurian machine music to the Techno tunnel. DJ Gigola will add some heavy hometown flavour while the antipodean Eluize will again light our way through the darkest hours. To back it all up our own in-house Away Soundsystem will be filling in the gaps and bending time. Digging higher, flying deeper… and as the locals say, richtig vollgas geben.

Artwork by
Marco Di Stefano