Spindler & Klatt

Address: Köpenicker Straße 16-17 10997 Berlin

The former grain storehouse of the Heeresbäckerei directly on the Spree was one of the first club restaurants and pioneer for many club restaurants in Berlin. In addition to the club there is also a restaurant, where you can dine on white beds or at tables. Everything is very extensive and rather exclusive. White panels of fabric on which projections are projected surround the rooms. A lot of dark wood provides a good visual contrast. Hollywood in person as George Clooney and Vin Diesel could already be seen here. (This is not very interesting for Berliners, who find any kind of celebrity rather annoying, but shows the desired orientation.) The Spindler & Klatt owners Frankie Spindler and Jesko Klatt disagreed some time ago, so that only Jesko Klatt and the old name remained. He, by the way, also co-founded the club restaurant The Grand. Especially recommendable in summer is the large terrace to the Spree around 600 mqm open air area. This is certainly the advantage over other clubs, because in winter it is just a club like any other. On Qype, people often complain about „unfriendly and arrogant staff, overpriced and bad food“. I don’t know how justified this is, because as far as the Berlin club scene is concerned, we all know how ist works with reviews, and not everyone comes in or happily gets out. All right, so dinner is Monday to Sunday from 8:00. The club starts on Friday and Saturday from 23 o‘ clock. About the music: R?n?B, House, Hip Hop and Black Classics are more the same stuff as in 40seconds or on Jam. FM.