Burg Schnabel | EN

Adresse: Schleusenufer 3-4, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

The club has joined on New Year’s Eve 2015. The official start date was 16.1.2016. Now half a dozen clubs are romping around the flood ditch. The „Techno Strich“ Revaler (RAW) has been replaced for good. Behind the Burg Schnabel are probably the people of the Feel Festival. On the page you will find a Galapagos Produktions GmbH. At the Feel Festival, however, there was a castle that offered electronic music and cinema. And similar things happened in the case of Man Meier. The robber cave on the merger also became a club.

The name itself… well, Wikipedia says:„The BurgSchnabel, also known as Burg Schnabel, is a former slope castle near the village of Hilst in the municipality of Pirmasens-Land in the administrative district of Südwestpfalz in Rhineland-Palatinate.“

Burg Schnabel can accommodate about 400 guests. The Mainfloor was named „Voliere“ („Aviary“) to match the club name. There are two floors altogether.

The Burg Schnabel is crowded between Birgit & Bier and the chalet on the Flutgraben. A little further back there’s the Jonny Knüppel. Over there is the CdV and the arena, as well as the EX White Trash, which is now the Festsaal Kreuzberg. The Burg Schnabel has several dance floors, everything is beautifully designed out of wood, an outside area built on a container, which is also a toilet house, is added. If you enter, you go directly to a square bar made of solid concrete, followed by the big floor.