Address: Skalitzer Straße 85 10997 Berlin

The small indie club is located in the former post office. You can find it in Skalitzer Straße 85-86 – in the middle of the trendy area of Schlesischer Tor, Görlitzer Park and Görlitzer Bahnhof. The club is really small, but still offers a rich program, where concerts and parties take place one evening after the other. The club is almost square, with a small stage. You definitely can’t get lost here. Guests rate the club consistently good, the acoustics are praised, drinks are great and the shop also has moderate prices. There are no rip-offs at the wardrobe and TADAH! Concerts always start punctually, which is really rare in Berlin. Besides, the barmen are really nice.

You can discover alternative bands here

The private club can also be rented privately if you want to celebrate your birthday in the club. The club is sure to be a small boat in the Kreuzberg club scene and offers a good selection of artists at low entrance fees. with the Privatclub you will finally find a shed in which not only electro is being played up and down in all nuances, but also a place where DJs can still appreciate and play music with real instruments and vocals. No dull electro beats, but authentic indie and alternative music: From the strokes to the looks to the arctic monkeys, there’s something for you too. The dance floor is quite small, but this doesn’t detract from the mood.

You can kick your Swag here

Cool party people with a high hippness factor stay outside in the private club, the time seems to be turned back. In the shady Kreuzberg cult club, which moved from Pücklerstraße 2013 to Skalitzer Straße (it is rumoured that rent is not paid) a lot of things are possible. Readings and Balkanbeat parties are also part of the diverse club repertoire. The well-known event series KIll all Hipsters is also at home here, some of the events are really scheduled from Monday to Sunday. At the concerts you will find selected rarities from the Indie treasure trove and also at the selection of the DJs you deviate from well-trodden paths. To find your way to the private club, simply look out for the red letter “P” on the wall of the house from the direction of the Schlesisches Tor.