Samstag, 31. Oktoberum 16:00

Sameheads Berlin
Richardstr.10, 12043 Neukölln, Berlin, Germany

Christmas decorations are available to buy in the shops again which can only mean one thing ……. It’s nearly time for Halloween. „Nightcrawlers“ (or the annual costumed-themed, bean-stained, dance-off) is this years offering for a care-free afternoon, culimnating in a night of live machine music and cosmo-psych jams from another land.

The line-up for this year is as follows:

Albion (Camp Cosmic)
Sacha Mambo (Macadam Mambo)
Silvia Kastel (Ultramarine Records)
Milo Smee (Power Vacuum)
dane//close (Sameheads)
Tom Franklin (Thieves Like Us)

*PLUS* A special live performance from BED at 22h.

The costume theme for this year is wide-open to interpretation. „Real or Imagined creatures“ could be anything from the wolfman, to a sea urchin, a crocodile or the humble domestic pet. Or something plucked from your imagination………. English breakfast will be served strictly between the hours of 16h-21h, and will include sausage & bacon imported from the UK. There will be a quiz upstairs during the daytime, and Dj’s until we move things downstairs after BED have performed live from the stage around 22h.

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