Label Name: – Boxon Records

Release Date: – Friday, October 7 2022

Track Listing:

  1. Jamais2 – Mangrove
  2. Team Complex feat. Dj Soso, Thabo Gallano – Ishe Wemakiyi
  3. Mebara Sao – Douala
  4. De Gama – Tropical Boogie
  5. Lithium – Soul Africa
  6. De Gama – Cosmic Safari
  7. Dj Soso, Manashe Music feat. Uthando, Ulethu, Team Complex – Summer Love
  8. Lois (fr) & Fruckie – Zambia
  9. Fab From Toulouse – City Of Birds
  10. Hallex M – Okap
  11. Nnuspaper – Yanahéou
  12. Tim’so – The Wall Of Happiness
  13. Jykso – Sway
  14. Julien Minet – Waza

Record Sounds Like: Afro House

On the occasion of this hundredth release „BOXON MAKES ME SUNNY“ from Boxon Records, the boss of the label, Julien Minet, wanted to bring together on the same compilation tracks that smell good of the sun.

After the success of the four compilations released previously, Boxon this time turned to international producers (Belgium, France, Italy, South Africa, Hong Kong) not yet signed to the label (De Gama, Mebara Sao, Hallex M, etc.) as well as to relatives or artists already known to the house (Lois fr and Fruckie, Lithium, etc.).

Jamais2 opens the tracklist with their composition “Mangrove” perfect as an intro. Dj Soso then joins forces with Team Complex and Thabo Gallano to create „Ishe Wemakiyi“, a sweet Afro-House title already dancing. Belgian artist Mebara Sao continues to make our bodies ripple with „Douala“, full of percussion, exotic synths and precisely placed female vocals. Then it’s the turn of the funky De Gama to heat up the dancefloor with the superb „Tropical Boogie“, a title rich in Afro and Latin sounds. The Bordelais Lithium continues with “Soul Africa” which, embellished with joyful vocals, remains just as percussive and catchy! De Gama returns with “Cosmic Safari” and its Dub sounds, a real journey of more than 13 minutes honoring the Disco-House with, as guides, elegant funky brass instruments. Accompanied by Manashe Music / Uthando / Ulethu, and again by Team Complex, Dj Soso gives us a warm and full of love, resolutely summery title: „Summer Love“. Label buddies Lois fr and Fruckie have won their bet by composing “Zambia”, more Club oriented with its analog instruments and soaring vocals! Just as dedicated to the dancefloor, “City of Birds” by Fab From Toulouse takes us to the heart of Africa with its lyrics responding wonderfully against a background of sunny groove. Hallex M then arrives with his efficient production „Okap“ mixing Tech-House beats and Afro sounds. Nnuspaper brings the tempo back down a bit by delivering „Yanahéou“ in a Dub and groovy spirit. Then it’s the turn of Tim’so from Bordeaux to take us into Trance with „The Wall of Happiness“, a more minimal but just as convincing piece. Also a little trancy, “Sway” by artist Jykso sounds good Deep and its melody is rather intoxicating. This compilation finally closes with the title „Waza“ whose frank percussions and groove do not fail to leave us indifferent.