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Watergate Club

Adress: Falckensteinstraße 49, 10997 Berlin

Watergate Berlin: Good Residents, a big LED wall and a river terrace

The Watergate Club Berlin was founded in 2002 and is known for its LED light installation, as well as its impeccable music politics, new German booking. The bookings are really impressive and testify to a real understanding of electronic music. Ruede Hagelstein, Henrik Schwarz and Marco Resmann are the house DJs. The Watergate has also secured a nice spot on the waterfront, in close proximity to the Magnet and the Comet Club. Theoretically, everyone has to stop by here. If the Disse depended on casual customers, it would probably have the best place in town at the „Nadelöhr“ called Oberbaumbrücke. Located directly at the Oberbaumbrücke, you can look directly at the universal building from the club’s own terrace on the Spree, and Haikus can think of Berlin’s nightlife. The location has a mainfloor, waterfloor, and ne cool Spree-Terrace with a view of the Oberbaum-Bridge. The bouncers can ask you:“Which DJ will hang up today?“ So check the line up first. The incoming inspections are generally quite tedious. As with most clubs, no large groups. Not too many guys. And elegant dresses can be dressed up for your sister’s wedding or something.  It is advisable to be there early, the snake that can get very long. And the drinks are rather expensive.

The Watergate Berlin is home for several events

Stefan Hack, alias Stoffel, has brought this club into the top 5 in Berlin, and has already celebrated its 10th anniversary. And ten years at the same location in Berlin for a club are almost 100 years old. Ste­fan Hack and Uli Wom­ba­cher originally played the evening at the WMF with drum‘ n‘ bass. With the idea to place a club at the interface between East and West, the two were absolutely right. The sam­na­mi­mic label regularly publishes com­pi­la­tion and at the Ber­lin Music Days, the club even organized its own fes­ti­val. Hack came to the east after the fall of the wall. Under an old building in Mitte he opened a club called „Toaster“, the older ones among us will remember still nostalgic.

Not only club: Watergate Records

If you are exhausted, you can make yourself comfortable on the lower floor of the couches. On the dance floor it’s better to leave the Smartfone in the cave. No mobiles on the dancefloor, please! It kills the vibe and makes you look like a boring bastard. And there are people running around who control it. Regular events are „Yes“ and „Vitamin“.