Keep it simple. Reduce it, and play with the few parts you have.“

With these words we invite you to the second installment of BROT at the lovely Loftus Hall am Maybachufer.
Starting off, the Brot residents Padde Unhold and Nik Patrick, aka Avenue P, will be your welcoming party:
heating up the floor for Benjamin Brunn’s much sought-after live performance. Using only machines, no laptop, you will get a unique glimpse into original electronic music in the making while spacing out to timeless grooves and flowing melodies which he has been perfecting for the last ten years. Smoothly we will then transition to Marc FM: one of Berlin’s own, a solid house DJ, vinyl only, just dance. His 4+ years experience at Tape Club can be felt in his many sets all over the city. We are very pleased with our line-up and hope to share this all with you.
Oh yeah, and its also Easter.. Get those Bunnys hoppin‘!

glamorizing modularlove: Benjamin Brunn LIVE / Smallville, Third Ear

glorifying plasticlove: Marc FM / Satisfaction

acclaiming mutuallove: Avenue P aka Padde Unhold & Nik Patrick / Brot

5 euro before midnight, 8 after

Loftus Hall
Maybachufer 48, 12045 Berlin