Loftus Hall
Maybachufer 48 / Ecke Pannierstr., 12045 Berlin

// C I V I L I Z E D . //

Civilized is a night showcasing the hottest local and international talent. Civilized will take you on a journey from shaken house to deep tech rhythms and make your body move until the sun comes up. This will be a wild night featuring only the best underground dance music.

Loftus Hall is an ominous yet inviting location on the canal with a history of hedonism history taking you back 50 years ago as the original Berliner Kneipe. But in present times Loftus Hall is one of the the most well know venues in the “Techno City” where you can always hear the sounds of the underground.

Civilized creates a special atmosphere, through quality music, for you to lose yourself, forget about the outside world and dance the night away.

“Let’s get (un)civilised!”

// L I N E U P. //

► Danni B (Collage Audio / Ballroom Music)
► Dilby (Mother Recordings / Bondage Music)
► Tyler Brunton (Alive Recordings / Canada)
► Harri (ycrs)
► Ali Mente (Ad Absurdum / fmF)

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