ARTIST @ FARBE und UNORDNUNG | 13.9.2014 | Storkower 118



Mike Friedrich is a 37 years young illustrator & artist from Berlin, Germany. Born and raised in this awesome city, he made his first steps in the commercial world of art and design in the early 90’s by selling his dark fantasy illustrations to Berlin based tattoo studios. Always interested in street art, he merged his fantasy roots with the elements of character design and urban art. The result, a sick, slimy mix with strong dark themes. Cuteness is over! Mike started his career as a freelancer back in 2000. Since then he has done a lot of illustration and design projects with different companies and labels (f.e. Nike, Nintendo, Karl Kani, Levi’s®, Hummel). Mike has worked as Art Director for MyVideo, laFraise & Cyroline. During the past fews years Mike has also won several awards at international design contests. Right now he’s training tattooing (Yes, that’s right!) and preparing new paintings for his “Beauties from The Dead Deep” series. Stay tuned!