Neue Heimat

My sundays are back. And we want to invite you to the more than 20 hours of good music and happy faces. We’ve decided to run the party in two parts DAY and NIGHT just to have more fun! We start for daytime dance at ONLY100// Neue Heimat at 1 PM, opening a new club built specially for this party in the back of the venue. Than once we close there some time after midnight we jump accros the river just to land on the Berlins favorite party boat Hoppetosse.

For your audible pleasure we have

Yaya // Desolat
Dani Casarano // Melisma// Cadenza Music
Luc Ringeisen // Vinyl Club Recordings
Lorenzo Chiabotti // Vinyl Club // Delooped Records
Maki Polne // Vinyl Club // Melisma
Chak Besh & Masa // Manege 8

visuals – tranZvision tv

The capacity of our new home at Neue Heimat is highly limited so come early.
First come first go,