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-How do you handle music requests?

I was fortunate enough to get booked at venues, where I did not have to deal with requests… one thing comes to mind, somebody I know once handed me a record with his production and asked to put it on. I did and it brought all energy down immediately, so I had to work on brining it back. Now I would be more cautious.

-What do you do when equipment goes on strike?

Switch to another form of equipment, usually. Luckily, working at Dubspot made me able to use any form available, pretty much. My preference would be vinyl, but I can definitely use other forms as well.

-What are your musical influences from childhood?

At 6 I signed up for piano lessons, I lived for it. Later was some Russian rock and saxophone classes, as I discovered jazz and bossanova. Breakdancing got me into hip hop and breakbeat, clubbing even more into electronic.

-Is it even possible to argue about musical tastes?

I do find myself sometimes in that position sometimes, but I really try to remind myself that no, because to each their own. But it can be a hard thing to do, when you are really passionate about something:)

-Which track would run when you moved into your boxing match?

I actually had it once and it was Prodigy – Breathe. Their Law could work really well too.

-What was the worst job you ever had?

I never did anything, that I would not want to do. Therefore, I can not name one. Always had complete freedom with my choices. Life is too short.

-Describes your sound to someone who has never heard it before.

My heart and mind in electronic collaboration.

-Do you have any good tour stories from clubs or festivals?

Burning Man. Once a girl named Reina knocked on a bus door, looking for a girl in pink afro and description that fit my profile. Turns out she really liked the music I played, so much that she went and woke up her friends to come and dance. It was a sunrise set at Opulent temple. She was sooo excited that she found me, I couldn’t believe it! And next time they all had afro wigs at my other set. That was a really good connection and I ended up playing for her later in San Francisco…it’s amazing what music can do.

-What would you do if you weren’t a musician?

Become a lawyer.

-Which style of music should have the most followers? And why?

Jazz. Because it’s alive, complex and beautiful.

-What is the most important musical equipment invention of all time – and


Piano, because it’s was my first and everything.

-What would you advise to become a professional?

Never stop learning, keep it thirsty.