Transformation is a collection of tracks, that were produced by Flo Circus over 2 years ago and should have been released in 2020, but then things didn ́t go as planned worldwide. Now the time feels right. All tracks have been tested in the clubs and got great reactions. You can expect a selection of melodic, sometimes emotional tracks, that work great on the dancefloors. From gliding to driving baselines, arpeggiated synths, warm pads and harmonies, you will find influences from the genres Techno, House, Progressive and even some Trance elements.
Born in the early 80 ́s near Frankfurt Germany, Flo had first contact with the electronic music scene at the age of 16. He immediately was fascinated by this new world of sounds and started working on his own visions and ideas.
Today Flo Circus is not only a Dj and producer, but also a self taught musician and artist. From years of diving into music production and audio technique, to learning everything about acoustics and building his own music studio, he also founded his own label Circus Music in 2019 to release his work on his own platform.